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8 thoughts on “[Drama] New stills of Ji Chang Wook in “Healer” (Part 5)

  1. Is there any video out there of him dancing? can’t seem to find any in youtube. I just got curious with him referring to himself as the power dancing machine, so I’m hoping to see some moves.
    pic no.3 – when he smiles like that, the day just seems brighter,yea!

  2. HI Cherkell, thank you for all the pics, indeed JCW is such an adorable, picture perfect, cute, handsome, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, name it…person out there! I too will miss this great show. One of the best if not the best (in all aspect) Kdrama that I have ever watched. I hope to have a happy ending for the couple.


    Cherkell and Gabby, you have been the best companion in our wonderful ride of HEALER.
    Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude. You have worked really hard, may the Good Lord bless you and your works always!

  3. Thank you very much for all the updates of Healer drama and beautiful photos . Will definitely miss the drama after it ends next week. I hope it has a perfect ending for the healer couple. Love them very much. This is the best Korean drama I had ever watched. Daebak!

  4. I don’t want the last Healer Time to come yet, but at the same time, I am ready to see how it ends! I hope no one dies!

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