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In the upcoming final episode of “Healer”, Ji Chang Wook is seen carrying a gun in the middle of the airport with a look of determination and his gun seemingly pointed at someone.

In the photo, he aims his gun at someone while policemen lay collapsed behind him, creating a grave situation. All this while, Seo Junghu had never committed murder under any situation, making people concerned as to whether he will commit the shocking act of firing his gun.

Even at the actual film set, Ji Chang Wook has difficult scenes and requiring the combination of action and emotional acting, but he does not waver and immerses in acting with his high degree of concentration. As such, there is even greater expectation for his final performance as Healer.

A representative of Ji Chang Wook said, “Tonight, a shocking appearance of Seo Junghu will be revealed. There will be surprising developments and also perfect scenes delivered through Ji Chang Wook’s passionate acting, so please look forward to it.”


The production team also revealed stills of the cast behind-the-scenes.

In the revealed photos, the actors are seen with smiles on their faces. Although they were busy filming a climax of the last episode on this day, the actors looked cheerful despite the busy schedule and showed a harmonious atmosphere.

In particular, Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae showed their close relationship with an affection pose, while Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young, who showcased their sweet couple chemistry in the drama, look at each other with a smile. Ji Chang Wook and hacker Kim Mi Kyung who are meeting for the first time after 19 episodes also took a proof shot together.

With the finale approaching, the cast and staff try to ease their sadness by making use of the waiting time to take commemorative shots, using the camera to capture each of their faces and their strong The production team of “Healer” said, “Beginning with our first filming on 1 December last year, we are now left with the final station. All the actors and staff bear the same feelings as they had at the first filming and gave all their passion right till the end. As much as everyone is putting in their best effort to meet the expectations of viewers, we hope you will show us lots of interest and love.”

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  1. A finale that puts a lot of smiles on our faces…Kudos to Team Healer!!! It was a rollercoaster ride watching it from the beginning til the end!!! I will definitely miss this Mon-Tues fix…separation anxiety indeed!!!

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