[Drama] Ji Chang Wook expresses his concluding thoughts about “Healer”


Actor Ji Chang Wook expresses his thoughts about “Healer” after the finale.

Ji Chang Wook who had completed his filming said, “I’m very happy to have completed this safely, and more importantly, I’m very happy to have been able to work with such good people. Although it’s a pity, the writer, director, staff, seniors and colleagues have all worked hard and always gave their best to create good scenes.”

As a versatile actor who undoubtedly possesses action and acting skills and a charm that moves the hearts of women, Ji Chang Wook has rediscovered many things about himself through “Healer” and has received attention as a sensation who leads the nighttime entertainment trends.

Ji Chang Wook, who portrayed Healer with his dependable acting till the last episode, was a hot topic of discussion, and his future development is now the focus of attention as he spreads his wings.

*Spoilers of the ending in the original news article have been omitted in this translation


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20 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook expresses his concluding thoughts about “Healer”

  1. me too i love him after healer!!! he is super good looking how can anyone be so good looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how????

  2. I never knew about this site until a few days ago and I honestly love it! Also I fell in love with Chang wook after he filmed healer and I’d watch it again anytime! Healer is my absolute favourite drama and I’m waiting for his next project!

  3. I really dont know why Healer a low rating… Come on viewers, dont you know how to pick best quality story??… This is terribly great!!…

  4. Question re ratings for Healer: Is the viewers’ rating of 8-9% considered pretty average or is it on the low side? Would appreciate your input. Thanks.

    • The Korean viewer ratings are rather subjective, given external factors at play. We’re working on our series review and will address this in our upcoming post. 🙂

  5. congrats to JCW on healer. Hope JCW remains humble and sweet as his career grows. I hope to see more roles as a villian though. We already know how charming and playful he is in his characters so far. Lets see the”bad guy” character next time.

    • He has played his fair share of villains before though, in Five Fingers, Confession, the Cry Cry MV, and Thrill Me. But I certainly wouldn’t mind him playing a villain again! (though it may upset some people)

  6. Healer is UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL! JCW is amazing and acts incredibly in this show. He is continuously improving his craft as an actor. More power and more shows to come! I will surely support you in all your future endeavors.

  7. JCW is indeed an actor whose dedication to his career is worth emulating by others in the entertainment industry. I do look forward to other projects that would keep him more successful.

  8. Hi,

    I really love Ji Chang Wook, hope he will visit Philippines this year. May i suggest you guys can share to us the schedule of Ji Chang Wook musicals… I want to experience that musical thing of Ji Chang Wook.

    Thank You So Much

  9. Really going to miss this series…it was so good! Cannot wait to see what his next project is…hopefully he will be back really soon!

  10. Thanks for quickly translating this. He really charmed his way to my heart through this drama. I’m so looking forward to support his future projects. And now, I’m off to watch his previous works. Done with Empress Ki. Baek Dong Soo, wait for me!

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