[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 13 February 2015

10:25pm KST

제 DC갤러리에서 선물이 왔어요!!! 너무 감사합니다 온전히 잘 전달받았어요!!!! 잘먹을게요❤️ #지창욱갤러리 #고기 #먹고힘쌔져야지 #와인샴페인 #마시고취해야지 #그날들 #암호표보고 #뭐하지?

Gifts from my DC Gallery are here!!! It was delivered well thank you very much!!!! I’ll eat well❤️ #Ji Chang Wook Gallery #meat #have to grow stronger after eating #wine champagne #have to get drunk after drinking #the days #secret code #what to do?

*DC gave him a “secret code”, which refers to a scene in “The Days” where Mu-yeong communicates with “She” only using musical notes.

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