[Eng Sub] 20150216 Ji Chang Wook Tudou Exclusive Interview


The video is finally out!

In the interview, Ji Chang Wook talks about “Healer”, his innocent appearance on “Running Man”, and also a short but interesting segment on his usage of Weibo and his Chinese language abilities.

Click on CC for English subtitles.

Note that the English subtitles are mostly translated based on what he said in Korean rather than the Chinese subtitles, which were somewhat inaccurate and left out certain lines of what he said.

Below are some stills from the video shared by Tudou:









Credit: Tudou Weibo

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16 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150216 Ji Chang Wook Tudou Exclusive Interview

  1. Count me in his roster of avid fans! Hope to see him in another drama before he enlists. Thanks admins for this site!

  2. Great site! Anyone know of his plans next? Hopefully another drama? I’m sad he has to enlist soon. 😦

  3. I absolutely LOVED him in Healer…looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future. #teamwookjichang!

  4. What is the “code” he refers to when describing his ideal type? Is it similar to being “on the same page” as we say in America or specific to Korean culture (like blood type) or something altogether different? He’s given that answer in a couple different interviews and it’s been translated the same way, “code”.

    • I use the word “code” in my translations because he uses the exact same English word in his interviews (but he pronounces it as “co-deu” in Korean). I think you can interpret it as being “on the same page” like what you said, also understanding each other, having chemistry, or being on the same wavelength. I don’t think blood type really matters that much in this context.

  5. Hi Gabby!

    How can I watch the interview with subs? i clicked on the video but there is no subs.

    I love your website very much. Thank you for your translations. You’re amazing!

  6. The English subs give off a different feeling and understanding than when I watch it with Chinese subs. I notice the questions aren’t subbed. If you need those translate, I can give you the translation what they ask.

    • Yea, I forgot to add in the translations of the questions, was hoping no one would notice hehehe. No worries, I’ll add in the questions to the video after work.

      • That is awesome. Its great to meet a fan who is good in English and Chinese and Korean. I only can understand his Chinese translations but I know the meaning can be lost sometimes not knowing the actual language. Thanks for all your diligent work and the whole staff behind this site Im translating Korean content for us.

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