[Eng Sub] 20150217 Ji Chang Wook – Yu Le Xin Tian Di interview


After the emcee gave us a teaser of sorts last week, Ji Chang Wook’s interview segment on Dragon TV was finally released in today’s episode of Yu Le Xin Tian Di (娱乐新天地).

But here comes the shocker.

The video is less than 2 minutes long. *faints*

Click on the CC button for English subs!!
Translated from Korean and Chinese.

There was also no indication that there will be a longer video released later, so this is probably all there is to it from this programme. But at least having a short video of him is still better than nothing at all.


Credit:  娱乐新天地1 Tudou

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6 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150217 Ji Chang Wook – Yu Le Xin Tian Di interview

    • Is Dragon TV a major entertainment outlet in all of China or limited to certain cities? Let’s hope for a more and better exposure/coverage for JCW in the land of 1.5 billion folks. I enjoy your updates, and as always a huge THANKS to your team.

      • Dragon TV is a division of the Shanghai Media Group, which is Asia’s largest television news production and broadcasting organization (covering most of China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong). So we believe their reach is pretty widespread over the Mainland and surrounds. 🙂

      • But from what I read they are horrible in entertainment news coverage. They have a lot of base to cover and they only give limited amount of time to each piece of news like this one.

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