[Instagram/Weibo Update] 21 February 2015


날씨 너무좋다 그냥 좋다

The weather is nice, simply nice.  


많이먹고 살찌우기
#눈이탱탱 #부음 #난지금 #비수기

Eat a lot and putting on weight
#Eyes are puffy #swollen #I’m now #low season


오오오 기대기대

Oh oh oh anticipating anticipating

*The video is a behind-the-scenes teaser of him at the Instyle magazine shoot, shared by his staff

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9 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 21 February 2015

  1. How do I get the music from musical the days? You’re guys have a idea where I get that? Thanks.

    • “The Days” official OST is on sale through Interpark.co.kr (the same portal that sells the tickets to the musical). Sorry, but we do not know of any other provider for the OST other than Interpark.

  2. I LOVE that he’s ENJOYING his free time!!;) but at the same time updating us with that gorgeously-hot stare..^^ I cant stop grinning-smiling-swooon!!;)
    with that puffy eyes,yet what a cutie!!<3
    wonder if he is travelling outside the country..? Is it still Winter SKorea..?
    And is tht Coconut tree?? 😉
    As always, Thank You Girls foe the

  3. Where in the world is Ji Chang Wook? Some fans have mentioned earlier before his IG post that he was spotted at Bangkok airport.

  4. Looks like he’s really in Thailand… A Thai friend said someone saw him on an airport there.. and the beach definitely not in Korea.

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