[Musical] Ji Chang Wook to continue performances with “The Days” (updated)

After achieving phenomenal success again with the re-run of “The Days” in Seoul, the musical team will be heading out of the city to perform in the outlying cities of South Korea over the next few months!  Arrangements have been made with venues in Incheon, Jeonju, Seongnam, Daegu, Busan, Jinju and Jeju Island to bring the well-received musical to the audiences that may not have the opportunity to travel to Seoul for the 2014/2015 performances.

Proving his immense love for this production once again, Ji Chang Wook has signed on to perform on this nationwide tour. An estimated 25 shows will be staged over the next four months, and the details of Ji Chang Wook’s performances are as follows:

Seongnam Performances
Date: 21 March 2015 (3pm & 7pm with Yoo Jun Sang)
Venue: Seongnam Arts Center Opera House (성남아트센터 오페라하우스

Daegu Performances
Date: 5 April 2015 (2pm with Lee Geon Myung; 6pm with Kang Tae Eul)
Venue: Keimyung University Arts Center (계명아트센터)

Busan Performances
Dates: 18 April 2015 (3pm with Yoo Jun Sang & 7pm with Lee Geon Myung)
Venue: Sohyang Theatre (소향씨어터)

Daejeon Performances
Dates: 25 April 2015 (3pm & 7:30pm with Yoo Jun Sang)
Venue:  Daejeon Arts Centre (예술의전당 아트홀)


Jinju Performances
Dates: 16 May 2015 (3pm & 7:30pm with Choi Jae Woong), 17 May 2015 (2pm with Kang Tae Eul)
Venue:  Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Centre (경남문화예술회관)
Ticket sales: 7 April 2015 at 10am KST via Interpark

Jeju Performances
Dates: 31 May 2015 (2pm with Choi Jae Woong; 6:30pm with Kang Tae Eul)
Venue:  Jeju Arts Centre (제주아트센터)
Ticket sales: 14 April 2015 at 2pm KST via Interpark

Tickets for all performances:  66,000-110,000 won
Running time: 150 mins (with 20min intermission)

*This musical is performed entirely in Korean; no English subtitles nor supertitles are provided*

Of course, musical schedules are always subject to change at a moment’s notice.  We will keep an eye on any further developments and be sure to post them here!

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22 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook to continue performances with “The Days” (updated)

  1. Trying to get a friend to find out the tickets for the Musical on 16, 17 or 31st May. Saw some changes to the 31st May Jeju performance.. Are there any changes for JCW appearance for those 3 days?

  2. I wish the musical performance provide english subtitles… Kinda sad for foreigners from other countries cant understand a words he say..;(

  3. is seongnam ticket sold out already? I will be in korea for 7 days starting from 15-22 March…

    • All of Ji Chang Wook’s performances sold out within minutes of their release to the public back in February. Sorry we can’t be of more help.

      • since I am going there for the first time, can you suggest where I can go to get his merchandise, photo, cd’s, anything related to JCW

      • Because of image licensing issues, there is no offical merchandise on sale from Glorious other than certain bookstores that may have the drama OSTs on sale. “The Days” musical programmes and OST will only be on sale at the venues listed above.

      • thanks a lot for the feedback 🙂 I will try to visit the bookstores for the drama OST…if I can get Healer OST would be enough for me.

  4. Please please keep us posted for more ticket sales and schedule . I live in Vancouver and considering going to see one of his show. Crazy idea but I heard that he might enlist next year and I want to see him perform before he disappear for 2 years.
    I’m sad that I just discovered JCW. I’ve been to So. korea twice:(((
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Seems like i should wait for next update of Musical schedule. I wish there were performances sometime on the beginning of May.

  6. OMG….
    i live in daejeon now…
    what a great surprise…kyaaaaa
    and tomorrow i will try my luck to buy the ticket..
    wish me luck >.<!

  7. I wish I can go. I hope that you post “The Days” musical performance here to watch it online =((

  8. Thank you for the info of Ji Chang Wook’s performance jcwkitchen, I appreciated. We will fly from Denver Colorado to Incheon on March 20th and my son (he is 7th years old) wants to meet the “best parkour guy” from South Korea. Therefore, we will try to buy “The Days” ticket. Wish us luck!!!!

  9. Thanks for the info. Actually, I like his performance in this musical a lot better than in the current “Healer” drama (from what I can see in the YouTube clips), although he is incredible in the drama as well. I would like to get two tickets for the 3/21 Sat. 7:00 PM performance in Seoul. What is the best way to purchase the tickets? I will be traveling from Washington, DC. Thanks so much.

    • Interpark.co.kr is the ticket broker for all “The Days” performances. Their website has an English option, so you should be able to purchase tickets for any Korean musical on their roster. Ticket sales open on 6 Feb at 2pm kst (Seongnam), 3pm kst (Daegu) and 4pm kst (Busan).

      • Kudos to you and your team for such an up-to-date information concerning Ji Chang Wook’s performances. We enjoy watching/hearing JCW’s terrific work. Thanks, again!

      • I logged in and just tried to purchase tickets on interpark.co.kr (10:45 AM EST 2/6/15 which would make it 12:45 AM 2/7/15 KST), but did not see “The Days” on the site. I would appreciate any suggestion from you to get around this. Thanks a lot.

      • Type in “The Days” or 그날들 in the search bar and it should take you to the ticketing portal. But as of two hours ago, both the Seongnam and Busan shows were completely sold out, and the Daegu show has a few scattered upper balcony seats available. Sorry we can’t be of more help with this.

      • My hope is that JCW will continue with the show in the future. “The Days” seems to be a very good vehicle to showcase his multi-talented performance skills. Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed so timely.

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