[Magazine] InStyle, March 2015 preview

Studio NewBIN was kind enough to release their proof shots for Ji Chang Wook’s upcoming March 2015 InStyle pictorial.  Maybe it’s time for me to take some carpentry lessons, eh?

And in addition to keep you occupied until the magazine arrives in your respective mailboxes, we have a video from Studio NewBIN for InStyle offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this photoshoot.  Enjoy!

Usually, the beginning of things start from emptiness.
When you look at a bowl that can contain sumptuous food or a simple meal,
just like an actor that “contains” the life of others in place of them, you sense a strange kinship.
When “containing” the brilliant days of youth or the life of someone who has had a hard day,
I “empty” myself in order to stand on yet another path.
To me, “emptying” myself is the leisurely feeling of filling up my notebook with my daily life or
the freedom of travelling towards an unfamiliar place with light footsteps,
enjoying my time alone in a place filled with the scent of wood, and the joy of meeting up with good people sometimes.
Meeting a Me whom I cannot even imagine, and when I discover a certain possibility within that Me,
I have become yet another Me.
Just like a bowl that differs in depth and colour depending on the scent,
alas, through the single process of filling up, emptying and dyeing, a unique colour of mine is created.
Like that, I’m newly “filled up” once again.

*The narration is very profound and hard to understand at first glance (and also a headache to find the right English words for the translation). In essence, the actor is being compared to a bowl here. Just like how a bowl can be “emptied”, “filled up” and be used to “contain” many different things, an actor also has to “empty” his emotions of a character after a show ends, then “fill up” himself with new emotions for a new show, thus effectively “containing” a new character within him. Hope this helps in making things clearer.  




We also extend our thanks to Manager Bang for also giving us a BTS of the photoshoot:

Credit:  InStyle Magazine; Studio NewBIN Facebook; Bangchigu IG; Studio NewBIN Youtube; JCW DC for Korean transcript

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18 thoughts on “[Magazine] InStyle, March 2015 preview

  1. Those bowls looked very attractive because of him. LOL. Btw, the metaphore of the bowl to an actor/actress is just spot on.

    I enjoy words, so that’s why I think it’s a great script there written by a good writer. Nevertheless, thank you for the translation!!!

    Ji Chang Wook, FTWWWW!!! <3<3<3

  2. Thanks Gabby for the wonderful translation. Love..love..love JCW. I should just listen to his voice every night before I go to sleep. Hopefully, he will just appear in my dreams. 🙂

  3. I like how the concept seems mysterious coupled with earth-toned colors in the background. He looked all the more sexy!
    The narration IS profound! Lol! Thank you for translating for us, as difficult as it was 🙂

    • I think i’d now associate turtle necks to changwook. . .reminding me of healer who always covers up half his face with it ^_^ ♡

  4. Thank you so much JiChangWookkitchen Girls for the heart felt translation. 😉 Im waiting for this. 😉 Dunno how many times I watched this vid. His voice is just so sexy.. Plus his gorgeously face. ^^ Im obsessed!!
    thank you also for adding the simple explanation.. ^^ well it helps to understand it well. ^^
    Actor Ji, is emptying his self right and I
    cant wait for another transformtion he will contain^^

  5. JCW is simply hot … there is just no other word to describe him! I feel your pain translating from Korean to English (I’ve worked as a madam interpreter in the DC courts), but how very fortunate for 3/4 of the world that speaks english. Excellent translation! Thanks.

    • We are not allowed to sub the video due to copyright restrictions. There was previously an announcement that the studio will include english subs for foreign fans, so hopefully they will release it soon.

    • You can get it online from Interpark Books, Kyobo Book and GMarket Korea, to name a few. Just key in “인스타일 3월호” to search for it. But the magazine was out of stock or under “restricted sales” on several sites when I last checked, not sure if they’ve restocked.

  6. So apropos … perfect timing for his transitional period. Very nicely done. JCW’s voice, oh, my, my, my … too beautiful. He reminds me of Jang Dong Gun in his twenties. Thanks, ladies.

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