[Instagram/Weibo Update] 5 March 2015



오랫만!!! 전 홍콩으로 갑니당!! #그와중에 #순대국이 #먹고싶은데 #같이할래요?

아!! 그리고 오늘 정월대보름이래요!! 항상건강하시고 대보름의 풍성함과 밝은 빛을 닮길 기원합니다!!!! #풍성함 #밝은빛

Long time no see!!! I’m going to Hong Kong!! #Besides that #blood sausage soup #I want to eat #shall we do that together? #On good terms

Ah!! And today is the first full moon of the lunar new year!!
Always stay healthy and may you be blessed with the fullness and brightness of the full moon!!!! #Fullness #Bright light



*His comment about eating blood sausage soup together on good terms is his attempt to quell an ugly fan war among his Korean fans. Shall not go into details, but seems like he was aware of everything

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6 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 5 March 2015

  1. Thanks Gabby. Yes, indeed long time no see! Glad to see his posts again. Happy (& jealous lol!) for the Hong Kong fans that may get a glimpse of him there! 🙂

  2. Hey Gabby,

    I’m curious about this fanwar. Can you give a brief rundown? Was it about the China rumor?

    Sweet of him to try and ease the tension! Hopefully it works 🙂

    • It is not related to the rumour about the Chinese drama. Fans are proposing changes to the way things are run with regards to his official fan cafe. The outcome could potentially affect foreign fans too, but we just adopt a wait-and-see approach first.

      • Thanks for the translation Gabby! And also for that explanation on eating soondae guk together. Likewise for the brief update on what was that discord about.

        This isn’t the first official fan club I’ve heard off that is having such issues. Oh well, there’s nothing much overseas fans do but just wait and see and kick a fuss by ourselves if we get nothing.

        I’m just glad he made an update today and he looks so damn handsome.

      • Ahh, thanks Gabby! Now I’m a bit worried if the changes can effect international fans as well (even if I dont know in what ways…XD) Will wait for the kitchen’s update when the time comes. ^^

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