[News/Event] Ji Chang Wook departs for Dunhill event

Ji Chang Wook departed early this morning from Incheon International Airport in his capacity as the special Asia representative for the Alfred Dunhill VIP event scheduled for tonight (5 March).  Of course, he is sporting the latest in men’s styles from the Dunhill clothing collection for the short three-hour flight to Hong Kong.

We also have a short video from the departure here:

Lots more of Ji Chang Wook’s ‘airport fashion’ in the gallery after the cut!


Credits:  As tagged; eNews24

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9 thoughts on “[News/Event] Ji Chang Wook departs for Dunhill event

  1. Hi does anyone know the brand of the backpack that Changwook is holding on to? Please let me know if you guys know!!

  2. I love ji Chang Wook.love him on empress ki.he’s so handsome.i like the way he dress up.wish he will visit the Philippines.I knew his into music.maybe he can have a concert in here.

  3. Wow, Ji Chang Wook is so handsome! Whatever color he wears suits him best. I envy those people there at the airport, they got the chance to see him up close. I wish I was there too. 🙂

  4. he is such a manly handsome man! thanks for the pictures, he wears those clothes well and looks heavenly in blue!

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