[News] Ji Chang Wook at Dunhill VIP dinner in Hong Kong

Actor Ji Chang Wook of “Empress Ki” and “Healer” arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon and was welcomed by hundreds of fans at the airport, and the fans’ reaction was crazy. At night, Ji Chang Wook attended the Dunhill dinner with stars such as Julian Cheung, with more than 200 fans following him. At the dinner, he said he was very happy that there are so many Hong Kong fans supporting him.

When most Korean stars come to Hong Kong for activities, they will be asked about the kinds of Hong Kong delicacies that they wish to eat, where they wish to go, and which Hong Kong celebrities they wish to work with. Ji Chang Wook said he wants to eat Cha Siu Bao (bun stuffed with barbecued pork) the most. As to which Hong Kong celebrity he wishes to work with the most? He said, “There are many, I can’t count them one by one.”

Meanwhile, someone pointed out that he was despised by Lee Gwangsu on “Running Man”, to which Ji Chang Wook said that if he were to appear on the show again, he will partner with Kim Jong Kook instead, because Kim Jong Kook came from the same secondary school and high school as him, and he is also strong, so their chances of winning will be higher. When he was asked about his feelings towards enlisting in the army, the translator rejected the question on his behalf and he was escorted away.



Translated from Cantonese to English.

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  1. Thank you for closely following his activities and updating us his whereabouts. He looks awesome as always. Lovely to see that there are fans who are there to support him. But the airport scene on his arrival doesn’t seem so pleasing as hundreds of fans are flocking around leaving him no space to wriggle through at all. I hope there’d be more proper coordination and security the next time around.

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