[Event] Ji Chang Wook hits the pitch with FC Men

On 8 March, the FC Men celebrity football team held a match with the 1st United football club, and striker/forward Ji Chang Wook was there to lend assistance in their victory over 1st United, 2-1.

FC Men is a football team formed as a sub-set of the Suwon Bluewings professional team and composed of actors, singers and models who rotate in and out as their schedules allow.  FC Men is captained by JYJ’s Junsu and counts on its roster several Korean celebrities such as Junsu’s twin brother Junho; Yoseob, Doojoon and Gikwang from B2ST; Jinwoong and Seulong from 2AM; Kim Hyun-joong from SS501; Lee Min-woo; and of course, Ji Chang Wook.

Credit:  FCMen Official Instagram

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  1. i love that he is a part of the FC men team and that they have an outlet for sports. so many of the actors and singers are also good athletes. just protect that handsome face!

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