[Instagram Update 2] 13 March 2015


#싱글즈 #화보 #킹스맨따라잡기
아 아직춥다..

#Singles #pictorial #catching up with Kingsman
Ah it’s still cold..

*He means he has been watching the movie “Kings Man Secret Service”.

EDIT: *He means that he’s following “Kingsman: The Secret Service” because the photo shoot concept is based on the movie.

From editor Won Jong Myung:


Fashion editor Won Jong Myung, who worked with Ji Chang Wook for his recent Dunhill photoshoot in Hong Kong, met him again for  the “Singles” magazine photo shoot today. Ji Chang Wook will feature in the April issue of the Korean magazine “Singles”.

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  1. Gabby, thank you so much for this website and all the updates ! I come to your website often to get news of JCW. JCW is both gorgeous and adorable. I love his simplicity and honesty. I hope his agency is a smart one and knows how to promote him.

    • I agree with you @Amy i hope his management team will be smart enough in choosing his next projects. He is such a mullti talented actors and should not be wasted!

  2. Thanks for making it clear … had absolutely no idea what JCW was saying. My curiosity was up but in a fog until you brought some light upon his statement and happenings. Thanks, again!

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