[Instagram/Weibo Update] 13 March 2015


힐러갤러리에서 감사패와 선물이.. 오늘은 힐러 DVD&블루레이 코멘터리 촬영했어요 오랫만에 지난시간을 다시 생각해볼수있는 값진시간이였던.. 우리는 당신을 기억합니다 라는 멘트가 너무나도 눈물나게 감사한 밤입니다.. 감사합니다.  저도 기억할게요 그대들이 있었다는것을..! #힐러 #기억 #알약 #따뜻한 #눈물 #안녕

The plaque of appreciation and present from Healer DC Gallery..I did filming for the Healer DVD and Blueray commentary today. It was a precious time after a long while that allowed me to think again about the time that has passed..The words “We remember you” made me so tearful and I’m very thankful tonight..Thank you. I will remember too, that you all were here..! #Healer #memory #pill #warm #tears #bye


잘자요 🙂

Sleep well 🙂


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9 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 13 March 2015

  1. Such a great K drama I will remember forever. You did very well on Healer oppa. And now I’m excited on your next project 🙂 and I hope it will not take too long, cause Im missing you so much on screen oppa :*

  2. In Healer I got to know who is Ji Chang Wook. This had made me more and more love korean dramas. Yes, we remember you and look forward to all your future projects.

  3. Thank you for this!

    Awww he is really a thoughtful person, very down to earth! Indeed a few actors who is beautiful inside and out!

    JCW, my respect to you is a notch higher again!


  4. OH, How wonderful of his Fan Club & how gracious & heartfelt is his gratitude! 🙂 We will always remember Healer!!

  5. JCW is truly a thoughtful, intelligent and kind person, aside from being one of the most handsome fellows on the screen. I just saw a morning show interview from a year ago while JCW was traveling in Singapore … so very generous with his colleagues. He has such a huge heart of kindness! Do you suppose I can find someone like him here in the States? (Alright, alright, I can see and hear you laughing!!! I am dreaming.)

  6. Yeah..he is one of the best actor that i do really admire…i will always remember and admire you @jichangwook…#the_best 😊😊💖💖

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