[Eng Sub] 20150315 Section TV – Hong Kong Date with Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook was interviewed during his short visit to Hong Kong for the Dunhill event. Props to the TV station for the effort! 

In the video, he speaks about his time in Hong Kong, his usage of Instagram, his unusual kissing experience, and cringes once again because of the emcee’s “advances” towards him just like last year. He doesn’t say anything ground-breaking that hasn’t been mentioned before in other interviews, but his lovely smiles still make this an enjoyable watch! ❤

Translated from Korean to English. 
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30 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150315 Section TV – Hong Kong Date with Ji Chang Wook

  1. Thank you so much for the video! Falling in love with this guy more and more after every interview! 🙂

  2. He is gorgeous and adorable! Can’t wait for his new movie to come out! Hope he ‘ll also do a drama before starting his military service.

    Thank you, Gabby and team, for the vdo and Eng sub!

  3. Omg thank you soooo much for the translations, we don’t know what would we do without you? 😉

  4. awww I love the well wishes at the end. He didn’t have to. That was sweet. Thanks boo…and thank you guys for feeding us, this website is the bomb!

  5. He looks refreshing in the interview, can’t take the smile out of my lips. hehe, looking forward to see who he’s with when he’ll be in hongkong next time. 🙂

    • This is our content, so it is not available anywhere else but our site. The video plays well on all the devices on which we have tested, so you may need to clear your browser cache. If you’re viewing on a mobile device, power it off and on again and that should clear any access issues.

      • Hi Gabby.. I have problem watching this interview on my iPad. Cleared browser cache as well. Nothing happens. Just a still picture of the airport. However it works fine on my iPhone. Wanted to watch on my iPad so I can have a bigger view of JCW! Can never get enough of this guy. 😉

      • We did a test on various devices, but it appears that only Apple devices encounter such a problem playing the video. It works fine on android devices and on the desktop computer though. Unfortunately, we can’t upload the video on Youtube due to restrictions by the broadcast station. Perhaps you can try watching using another device?

      • It’s ok Gabby. Thanks for the advice. As long as I can watch this interview it’s fine. I was just being greedy. Over the weekend I had been Chromecasting all of JCW’s interviews on our huge TV screen. That angelic mischievous face on the huge screen..Bliss! 😆

  6. Thank you so much! His smile is really so contagious; I can’t help but smile as well while watching this. Love him in every single frame.

  7. wow thank you so much for this interview with eng subs! he is so real and nice. i appreciate every chance to know more about him and know what his thoughts are on life and everything else. ❤ glad i found your blog so i can follow him!

  8. Thanks Gabby! My Cheeks hurt for from all grinning while watching this interview!!! His smile, laughter and eyes can melt all!

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