[Magazine] Singles Magazine, April 2015 preview [updated]

Actor Ji Chang Wook transforms into Eggsy from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” for his photo shoot with “Singles” magazine.

During the photoshoot that took place at 6 locations across Seoul, Ji Chang Wook sported a casual look and even transformed into a perfect gentleman with a suit, showing his differing charms like a stylish fashion film. Even though the shoot went on late into the evening, he showed an amazing level of concentration befitting of an actor each time he stood in front of the camera. In this interview, Ji Chang Wook who is now spending time recharging himself after “Healer”, shares some stories behind “Healer” and his plans for the future.

Ji Chang Wook, who recently became a top star in Asia after “Healer”, remains unbothered even with all the public attention on him. “I’m not very bothered by people’s attention on me. It’s fine as long as it does not disrupt whatever I’m doing. But usually people just look at me or they take pictures of me quietly. There’s no one who will suddenly appear when I’m drinking coffee and stop me from drinking coffee right? (Laughs)”

Ji Chang Wook also revealed his own criteria of selecting his projects. “My criteria is very subjective. Firstly, the script must be interesting. The role that I want to play must be charming, and I must have the confidence that I’ll be able to handle this role. I consider these 3 things a lot.”

When asked about the script written by Song Ji Nah, who is famous for writing scripts like novels, Ji Chang Wook said, “A difficult script can be enjoyable to an actor instead. If a script is too easy, there is no fun from an acting perspective and could also become boring.  I filmed every scene while thinking a lot at the same time, but I am thankful to the writer for giving me the space to think like that.”


While speaking about Seo Jung Hu’s dating style who devotes himself solely to his own woman, Ji Chang Wook said with a laugh, “I’m not so romantic like Jung-hu.  But even then, I’m very cold, neither am I a bad guy.  I’m just the kind who will try to match with the girl.”

When he has no filming, he meets up with close friends whom he hasn’t met in a long time and likes to play soccer games online just like other 29-year-old guys. Ji Chang Wook’s honest interview can be found in the April issue of “Singles” magazine.

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Singles April 2015

The April 2015 issue of “Singles” is now on sale at all Korean bookstores and other online magazine suppliers.

Source:  Sports Dongah; rs7114 (Cho Manager) Instagram; Singles Magazine

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  1. gosh! he has been in quite a number of magazines of late. he is steaming hot!
    i’m so happy for our Emperor. His hard work has paid off. and he’s looking great and awesomely handsome as ever!

  2. Gosh! He’s extremely charming. Unfortunately, this Singles article will be written in Korean language. Don’t think it can be sold in Singapore. Sighed…!

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