[Instagram/Weibo Update] 25 March 2015

12:08am KST


지금은 발리!!!! #화보 #밤수영

Now in Bali!!! #pictorial #night swimming

밤수영!!!! 좋아라.. 🙂

Swimming at night.  I like it.. 🙂



지금은 발리!! 밤수영중!! With Bang!!!

Now in Bali!! Swimming at night!! With Bang!!!

지금은 발리!! 밤수영중!!

Now in Bali!!  Swimming at night!!

*Ji Chang Wook has travelled to Bali for a photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea magazine (issue date unknown at present).

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7 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 25 March 2015

  1. his smiles always make me as well *grins from ear to ear*
    i just can’t help myself. LOL! XD
    happy swimming! ^_^

  2. Good to hear that he is relaxing while working hard. It is raining heavily in the city, hope he gets some sunshine during his stay. Selamat datang JCW

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