[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 March 2015

9:43pm KST


이렇게 신났던 발리.. 안녕 🙂 #신남 #입에 #벌레들어갈라

I enjoyed Bali like that.. Bye 🙂 #excited #mouth #bugs get in


이렇게 신났던 발리.. 안녕 🙂 #신남 #입에 #벌레들어갈라
I enjoyed Bali like that.. bye 🙂 #excited #mouth #bugs get in

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9 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 March 2015

  1. good to see our JCW really having fun,you deserves to have a break for awhile and enjoy to the fullest, iloveJCW…

  2. Cute picture . So happy to see this relaxing moment of JCW sshi. You deserve it . Sometimes just need to forget hectic celebrity’s life and just be yourself . Carefree and happy …… Be healthy and GBU. I love beach and I love Bali too. 🙂 .

  3. Not Seminyak for sure as usually packed with tourists
    Seems it was in Tabanan, well as the pictures of the sunset & video of his suite.
    Glad to see he can be himself, enjoyed his time, carefree in Bali.
    Hope he likes Bali and he’ll come again often.

  4. Cool! bike your motorcycle alone.. one of best thing to do in Bali.
    Is it at Seminyak? also happy to knew him enjoy the surfing time at lovely sunset yesterday.
    Thanks Gabby & Cherkell for lovely pics as always ^_^

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