[Magazine] “The Celebrity” reveals video starring Ji Chang Wook


Lifestyle magazine “The Celebrity” has released a video of Ji Chang Wook following their feature of him in their April issue. 

Channelling the beauty and warmth of spring, the video shows Ji Chang Wook at the Hantaek Botanical Gardens posing for the pretty photos that we’ve seen in the magazine.

The spring in the 4 seasons of Ji Chang Wook
A warm wind blows
Shaking the green leaves of the trees
In front of these, warmer than the sunlight of spring,
stands Ji Chang Wook.

Plants are the watershed of the body and mind.
But my personality is not the kind that is good at taking care of plants.
When a project ends, I start to look at my room and overdue matters that I didn’t see before.
There are times when I think, “How long has it been since I last worked?”
But my personality is not the kind that looks back or lingers (in the past).
The moment I go on stage, nothing interferes with my acting.
Until the performance ends, I will continue in that state.

The pictures are as pretty as spring indeed!

The April issue of “The Celebrity” magazine is already on sale, and can be purchased from GMarket and their online store.

Credit: The Celebrity Youtube

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