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Left Coast Otaku and Chicago Expat, successfully mangling both the Japanese and Korean languages at the same time. Devoted Ji Chang Wook Follower since 2007; proof positive at jichangwookkitchen.com. Fangirl Squeeeeeing Nightly; No Cover Charge.

5 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 28 March 2015

  1. Hi admin! Thanks for all the updates and hardwork ….I really appreciate all your efforts….I am new and just a silent reader……..it’s just 5 days of no updates from Ji but it seems decades of waiting:( miss him so much…..

  2. Not surprising, for one who updates us when he can. Laptop on him. Lol! XD
    i wonder though if he’s really asleep or just pretending XD

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