[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 5 April 2015

10:25pm KST

고생하셨습니다!! 오늘 반가웠어요

즐거운 대구공연 무사히??음 마침!

#감사합니다 #그날들 #객석의 #추억 #공연중 #무대밖은 #처음 #한숨 #죽을뻔 #다행

We have worked hard!! Nice to meet you today

A fun performance in Daegu was safely??erm completed!

#thank you #the days #audience’s #memory #performance ongoing #outside the stage #first time #sigh #almost died #luckily

*Based on fan accounts from Ji Chang Wook’s DC Gallery Forum, a small incident happened during today’s matinee performance of “The Days.”  While Muyeong sings “My Song” (the ‘Lalalalala’ song), he is to throw a score book into the air and catch it.  Apparently Changwook threw it too high and it landed on his head with a loud thud!  Further along in the chorus of the song, Muyeong is to rush to the front of the stage, but Changwook could not stop at the edge in time and accidentally fell off the front of the low stage into the space between the boards and the seated audience.  Using ‘Healer’ moves, he quickly lifted himself back up on stage with his hands and continued on with the performance.  Everything happened within a split-second and the other actors were shocked, but Changwook managed to compose himself enough in time to finish the scene.  All accounts indicate that Changwook is fine and no injuries occurred that would hinder him from completing both shows.

6 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 5 April 2015

  1. Why do JCW sooo adorable, he is soo good in everything he does…for me JCW is the best…thank you, Gaby..

  2. no wonder he was so good in healer! he’s part cat naturally! i think he is nimble and quick to think and just full of positive fun!

    • Part cat… LOL! The woes in theater for anything can happen but it hones him to be a quick thinker. Ji Chang Wook better be careful while doing this tour. Every stage setup can be different from place to place and he could have been used to a bigger stage and under estimate others.

      I’m just glad that he wasn’t hurt enough and still able to continue and complete two shows.

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