[Event] Ji Chang Wook makes unannounced appearance at fan event

Ji Chang Wook dropped by unannounced at a Dayrock fan gathering yesterday (12 April 2015, Sunday), surprising many who were there, and leaving those who missed the event filled with regrets.

His official fan cafe, Dayrock, had previously announced that they were having a video screening event for members to get together and enjoy watching videos of him together, but his attendance at the event was not confirmed. Hence, his appearance caught many by surprise, and he not only gamely answered questions from fans, but also posed for pictures and gave autographs, turning the event into a mini fan meeting of sorts. 

Upon making his entrance, he said he was happy to meet fans gathered here today, and also noticed some new faces in the crowd. Standing on stage decked in the same Dolce and Gabbana suit he wore in Shanghai, he had a brief chit-chat with fans while Cho Manager acted as the de facto emcee.

He spoke about his accident in the recent performance of “The Days” in Daegu where he fell off the stage. A fan teasingly asked if he did it intentionally; he said it wasn’t intentional. He was merely playing around, but the stage was narrower than the stage in Seoul, hence the mishap. He also assured fans that he wasn’t hurt.

Regarding his next project, he said he knows that many people are curious about it. News about his next project will be announced soon, but as to whether it is a drama or a movie, and what kind of role it will be, he said these will remain a “secret” for now. Meanwhile, he has been busy with magazine photo shoots.

He also inevitably found himself having to talk about his dating “scandal” with former Miss Korea contestant Kim Joori. Rumours of the two of them dating spread like wildfire on the internet over the weekend, citing evidences of them sporting identical accessories and going to Bali together. But his agency Glorious Entertainment had put up a notice on Saturday evening to refute the rumours that they were a couple. At the event, Ji Chang Wook said he received calls from friends asking him about this issue, so he spent his Saturday busy explaining himself to everyone that the rumours were not true. He clarified that the so-called “couple necklace” was given to him by a fan, so he found the incident ridiculous and was saddened by it. He reassured fans that the rumours are not true and he feels embarrassed talking about it himself.

A fan asked him if he liked sweets. He said he isn’t particularly fond of sweets, but when the fan handed him a sweet, he immediately changed tact and said he actually likes sweets a lot.

A fan also requested for him to sing, and he sang barely two lines of the song “The Days” from the musical before giving up. He said he will give a proper singing performance when he holds a fan meeting in Seoul some day.

Ji Chang Wook added that he was going to Daehangno to watch the muscial “Ro Gi Su (로기수) RH071500” after this event. He asked fans if any of them have seen it and whether the musical is interesting as he heard that it’s very sad, but a fan told him that it’s not. He said he’s watching it because his hyung Sung Soo is starring in the musical.

*”Ro Gi Su” is a musical set during the Korean War, about prisoners of war at the Geoje POW Camp pursuing their passion for tap dancing amid turbulent times.

Throughout the event, Ji Chang Wook willingly answered questions posed to him by fans, posed for pictures according to fans’ instructions and even gave flying kisses and moved nearer to the edge of the stage to get closer to the audience, showing his down-to-earth nature.  It’s also good to see that he’s coping well, and we are definitely excited to hear news about his next project!

*We will not be subbing any fan-taken videos.  We are allowed to share these videos, but we are not allowed to edit them by including subs.*

Note: None of us admins have personally attended this event. The contents of this article are merely based on fan accounts and videos shared by fans who were present at the event. The original uploaders of the pictures and videos have given express consent for them to be shared, but if any content in this article is not meant to be shared, please let us know and we will remove it.

Credit:  Si Ri  for the videos; JeeJee, namoonamoo, and other kind folks from the JCW DC Gallery for the photos

16 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook makes unannounced appearance at fan event

  1. man i wish i lived in korea. i will totally go to ALL HIS FAN MEET!!!!! he is sooooo GOODLOOKING OMG. why are all south korean actors so good looking.

  2. We will all waiting to his new project I hope it will be hit project of it year.stay safe saranghaeyo<3

  3. can you admins explain the name jichangwookkitchen for me? i’m a new fan so i don’t really know what it means, does that name have anything related to JCW or it’s just a random name that came across your mind when you create this blog?

    • We chose this name because Ji Chang Wook loves to eat, so we thought it would be fun to create a site with such a concept 🙂 If you read some of the articles on our site (especially his recent interview with Singles magazine), you will notice that he likes food.

  4. He’s such a Darling, very down to earth, accommodating but a kind of diplomatic manners , keep it up .. blessings you more..💚💚💜 JI CHANG WOOK, please take care of your health🍀🍅🍏🍊

  5. Woooow…this is crazy, I can’t stop smiling while I watched the videos. He is so gorgeous. A handsome, cute, sexy voice actor, and yet humble…. I wish I could see him face to face. Now I believe he has a healing smile…hahaha, thank you jichangwook’s kitchen

  6. Too bad we can’t have subs! 😭 but oh my god! How cute is he!!!

    anyway thank you for this JCWKitchen!

  7. Thank you for the updates on Changwook and regarding on the trans, I understand that you agreed not to edit the videos but IF POSSIBLE, can you admins make a translation without editing it (e.g posting a note in here)? becuase it would be much appreciated if we international fans could understand their interaction so despite the distance from us to our idol, we could feel that we’re “close” (sorry cheesy 😭)

    and oh, I’m a new fan and loving your updates ☺️ thank you and keep it up admins!

    • Unfortunately, we do not have the time to do a word-for-word translation. Certain parts of his speech cannot be heard clearly either because of all the cheering, so we won’t be posting any translation of the videos.

  8. Thanks for this jcwkitchen

    Wow he is such adorbs! Very down to earth and very accommodating!

    Be healthy always urri JCW

  9. So glad to hear that he is coping well with that “dating scandal”. This unannounced visit to a fans event is a reflection of how down-to-earth he is. It is so comforting to see how open he is to his fans and very accommodating.

    I’m looking forward to his next project and I hope that announcement come soonish.

  10. i’m speechless…surprising his fans this way is way beyond words! ♥
    lucky for those who were able to attend! ^_^

    i’m realy glad he wasn’t hurt during his accident…and i’m looking forward to his new project! 🙂

  11. Oh, how lucky are the fans that were there!! I’m soo envious..what an awesome surprise for them! 🙂 Can’t wait for his next project.

  12. it seems he likes impromtu appearances, giving fans a delightful treat! i am excited to see what his next project will be and i hope it will be a drama just because in USA, we have to wait for a long long time for a movie to be subbed and shown 🙂 but i will take anything he does and love it!

    • it’s the same here in my country – VietNam- i hope that his new project is a drama which is as fantastic as Healer, so when he join the army, fans will have something to remember him. Healer was finished recently but i’ve already missed him

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