[Magazine] L’Officiel Hommes Magazine, May 2015 preview

A pictorial of actor Ji Chang Wook has been made public.

From “Empress Ki” to the recently-ended “Healer,” he recently showed his face to viewers for “Official Men” (L’Officiel Hommes) in its May issue with his good looks and superior fashion sense.

The released photos show Ji Chang Wook’s sophisticated and modern style perfectly.  Also, the various poses and humourous expressions, among other things, gives off his fresh charms.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook’s pictorial will be released for sale on 20 April through the May issue of “L’Officiel Hommes.”


*Note:  The L’Officiel Hommes editors have indicated that they will provide an English and Chinese translation for their Korean-written article.  In addition, his feature is expected to be around 22 pages in total.

Credit: eDaily; YesAsia24; L’Officiel Hommes Korea

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  1. Thank you Cherkell for this!

    Omg the awesomeness and hotness of JCW in that cover pix! He never really ceases to amaze us with all his magazine covers and interviews! Such

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