[Musical] Ji Chang Wook greets “The Days” fans


As the musical “The Days” steadily draws to a close with the few remaining performances of its provincial tour, Ji Chang Wook appeared in a short video to promote their final performance in Jeju Island this coming May.  

Hello, I’m Ji Chang Wook who plays Kang Mu Yeong in “The Days”.
“The Days” is finally having its final performances on 30 and 31 May at the Jeju Art Centre.
I hope you will enjoy watching our musical till the end.
Please show lots of interest.
Let’s meet in Jeju.
Thank you.

Credit:  Insight Entertainment

2 thoughts on “[Musical] Ji Chang Wook greets “The Days” fans

  1. Wish I could really watch him live, I already watched all his shows and all his video’s YouTube, I really became like a stalker 😄😂my free time is to search his name online ..His different from any korean actor that I had watched, I became loyal fan addict to home 😇😅 he has a very expressive eyes, sexy lips, manly boys, perfect..🌹🌹🌹🌹 he is like a little baby so adorable💚💛💗

  2. Oh I like the short hair cut so cute on him, he really looks neat and tidy, love him more😍😍😍

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