[Magazine] Marie Claire Magazine, May 2015 preview

The May 2015 issue of Marie Claire Korea went on sale on 21 April, and it’s jam-packed with the photos taken during Ji Chang Wook’s trip to Bali in March.  Enjoy the shots provided by the magazine as we await our own copies to be delivered!

Marie Claire Korea is available through the usual online booksellers: Yes24, Kyobo Books, GMarket, YesAsia and Interpark.

Credit: Marie Claire Korea

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9 thoughts on “[Magazine] Marie Claire Magazine, May 2015 preview

  1. Looooove all his pix especially the 1st profile pic! Sooooo handsome! I wish he smiles in some of them. He has the most charming & beautiful smile in all Korea 😍
    Thank you, Admin 😀

  2. very nice photos! he is so handsome. its kind of nice to see someone who doesn’t pose half nude. not saying he wouldn’t rock them but sometimes it is refreshing 🙂

  3. Thank you cherkell for this!

    Wow picture overload this week😄😄😄
    Like those legs and biceps!!!! Too much to handle!!!!!

  4. Can anybody help me to buy marie claire and l officiel homes…i already went to the website..mostly in korean and i am unable to find how to purchase and overseas deliveries…pls help me

    • GMarket, Interpark and YesAsia all have English portals from which to purchase both magazines. Look at the top right of their front pages for the “English” or “Language” button to access their English-written sites.

  5. Oh my! That’s all I had to say when I feasted my eyes on the pics! 🙂 All great pics but I especially love the one at the very top & the 3rd one down, him holding the surfboard.

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