[Magazine] The Celebrity, April 2015 issue (part 2) – People, and Ji Chang Wook


Questions were thrown at Ji Chang Wook. The short but witty answers of Ji Chang Wook who sits just beside, speaking relaxingly and answers what he is asked. 30 questions and 30 answers that will tell you that he treasures people the most. 

1. A place that you wish to go alone for a month? The quiet sea of Namhae. The place that I want to live at is also a quiet neighbourhood where the sea can be seen.

2. If you were to choose between a Hanok, a single house or an apartment? Apartment. I wish to live in an apartment in a quiet neighbourhood where the sea can be seen.

3. Your most favourite style of dressing? Comfortable and practical dressing. I enjoy wearing T-shirt and jeans with comfortable running shoes.

4. Between a watch and shoes, which do you consider as more important? Shoes

5. The time of the day that you normally look forward to the most? Soccer at dawn.

6. Your most favourite plant or flower? Flowers that I receive when I’m congratulated always make me happy.

7. You are giving flowers to a girl as a gift. What kind of situation will that be? Love confession

8. The restaurant that sells your soul food and its menu? A Korean restaurant that is filling like a rice soup restaurant.

9. If you do use perfume, what kind of perfume is it? Voyage d’Hermès

10. A trait that you inherited from your father? Everything that I have. Even my looks, inner self and behaviour.

11. Your biggest problem? My friend and manager Bang Chi Gu said, “You have a high level of concentration but it doesn’t sustain for long.” Ah, Bang Chi Gu…

12. A moment that makes you laugh? These days, it is when I meet my friends.

13. A moment where you still feel like a rookie? After a situation that I feel is difficult has passed.

14. Between blood type and horoscopes, which do you trust more? Blood type

15. A method to relieve stress in 1 hour? Chatting with friends or playing “Winning Eleven” on the PlayStation together.


16. Your favourite brand of alcohol? There isn’t a specific type or brand that I like. I just like alcohol.

17. A person you wish to meet when you are lonely? A friend or a person I like.

18. What are you doing for the earth now? Protecting the environment.

19. What do you do before sleeping? These days, I will read manga. (Recently, manager Bang Chi Gu gave him the “Vagabond” series written by Takehiko Inoue, the writer of “Slam Dunk”. Ji Chang Wook wrote this on Instagram, “This fellow is useful sometimes.”)

20. What do you wish to give to your family? Healthy food

21. If you were to do your own cooking, what will the menu be? Ramyun and Kimchi fried rice

22. An extraordinary ability of yours that others do not know? Excessive ordinariness

23. Your top 10 list of items that you treasure? People, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people and people.

24. A favourite song that you like listening to and singing the most? Lee Juck’s and Kim Hyun Woo’s songs. Especially Lee Juck’s “Rain”.

25. A way to spend time on the plane? Read a book or sleep.

26. Between your lover and friend, whom do you wish to spend more time with? The ratio and time spent meeting my lover and friend is exactly 5:5.

27. Your know-how to escape emergency situations? Think of the worst scenario in advance and handle it.

28. What do you eat to manage your health? Rice

29. An expert whom you need to engage now immediately? An investment expert. I don’t even know how to do an electronic transfer, I’m ignorant about managing my finances and I can’t pay my house rent on time.

30. The reason why you love who you are now? If I do not love myself, is there a reason for me to exist?


Favourite Moment

Time flows calmly and quietly. It is headed in the direction of happiness. We take a look at the time of Ji Chang Wook who is dynamic at times, and laid-back sometimes.

24 Hours

Ji Chang Wook said something obvious but interesting. “After all, there are only 24 hours in a day. No matter how tough it is, the day will end once that time passes.” What he said doesn’t mean that it is fine to while your time away even when the going is tough just because time will pass anyway. Because there are only 24 hours, even when you find it tough, you will have a fruitful and well-spent day if you give maximum concentration in those 24 hours. This is Ji Chang Wook’s method of using time to give maximum concentration in every moment.

Cold time

“It’s comfortable to work in winter.” Ji Chang Wook loves winter. He’s the kind who cannot bear the heat. “I’m more affected by winter as compared to spring. When it’s winter, I will become lonely for no reason and I’ll want to go away to some place. In the middle of the night, I will have thoughts like ‘Shall I simply go off to look at the wintry sea?'”  Actually, spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own respective beauty and he likes all of them. “Of course, when it comes to resting, any season is fine,” he added cutely.


Rest time

He enjoys the time spent with friends. When a project ends, meeting his friends whom he didn’t get to see all those while becomes his main daily task. He is the manly type, so he will go to the sauna with friends or look for delicious restaurants. He also enjoys alcohol a lot.


During his school days, he was surprisingly simple-minded and did not study consistently everyday. Often, last-minute cramming the day before the exam was a life saviour to him. If lucky, this was effective because he generally has a high level of concentration. “My academic results were fine. But nothing remains (in my head) because I studied last minute. I forget everything after the exam.”

Injury time (*this is a common term used in soccer)

Ji Chang Wook thought about two possibilities as to what he will become. An actor and soccer player. In one of his interviews, he once said, “My mother was strongly against acting and soccer.” There is a soccer team in which he is currently active in. Besides that, he plays futsal matches about 3 to 4 times a week with friends who also like soccer. He enjoys late-night soccer, and he will run around from 1am for 3 to 4 hours. “I really loved soccer since I was young. When I run on the ground, I feel a rush of adrenaline and I get excited, so I’m unable to stop.”



Scanned and translated from Korean to English by Gabby. Please share with proper credit.

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Source: The Celebrity magazine (hardcopy)

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  1. he is so cute no matter what he said. and i’m surprise why i didn’t notice him before cause i just started to like him just recently. it was during the time he was acting in Healer, the korean drama. he looks really cool but at the same time so cute. hahahaha.. and he is so honest too. cute ❤

  2. what a simple but endearing interview. i love thoughtul, honesty and he is very much like that. i learned a lot from his answers and find myself drawn more and more into his web!

  3. Thank you so much..When he said excessive ordinariness..he’s very down to earth.. I hope he finds a girl he loves!

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  5. this handsome guy is just so down to earth. no frills at all.
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  6. Thank you so much !!!
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    23. Your top 10 list of items that you treasure? People, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people and people.

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