[Variety] Ji Chang Wook to appear on Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp”


Hunan TV has recently announced that Ji Chang Wook will be making an appearance on one of their most popular variety shows, “快乐大本营 (Kuai Le Da Ben Ying)” otherwise known as “Happy Camp” in English.

“Happy Camp” is a popular Chinese variety show that has been airing since 1997. Each week, the show invites special guests to chat and play games, and singers will also perform a song or two on the show. Several Korean stars such as Psy, Super Junior M and EXO have been invited on the show in recent years.

Happy Camp 1

Ji Chang Wook will be appearing on the show along with 3 other Chinese “flower boys”, namely Jing Boran and Yang Yang from the second season of “花儿与少年(Divas on the Road)”, and Zhang Han who starred in the first season. “Divas on the Road” is the Chinese remake of the Korean travel variety show “Youths Over Flowers”.

Sources indicate that Ji Chang Wook will be recording the show on 28 April around 4:30 pm at the Hunan TV studio in Changsha (Hunan Province).

Although Glorious has yet to issue an official notice to confirm this news, pictures of him at Incheon Airport today pretty much suggest that he will be guesting on the show.  (Photos credit to Muzzy_木子 on Weibo) 

This will mark Ji Chang Wook’s first appearance on a variety show in China (the MTV variety show that he did last year was filmed in Taiwan). This will also be his second attempt at visiting China after the abrupt cancellation of the Dolce & Gabbana event in Shanghai previously. Hopefully things go smoothly this time round!

“Happy Camp” airs every Saturday night at 8:10pm (China time) on Hunan TV.

Source: Mango TV weibo

27 April update:

According to the news this morning, Ji Chang Wook will be in China for 5 days and 4 nights, where he will attend an event to commemorate the final episode screening of “Healer” on Sohu.com. He will also be having a fan sign event, and conducting interviews and photoshoots with the Chinese media.

Source: Enews 24

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