[Instagram/Weibo Update 2] 29 April 2015

8:14am Chengsha time

너무 즐거웠던 쾌락대본영 녹화!!! 너무 잘해주셔서 감사합니다 덕분에 재밌게 촬영했어요!! 그리고 허선생님 생일축하해요!  #중국 #첫예능 #즐거웠던 #추억 #고마워요

A very fun Happy Camp recording!!! Thank you for being so nice, thanks to you the filming was very fun thank you very much!! And Teacher Heo happy birthday! #China #first variety #enjoyed #memories #thank you

*The cast members went out after the filming ended to celebrate Happy Camp’s MC He Jiong’s birthday (the person grabbing his wrist)

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  1. Thank you cherkell for the translation!

    Wow oppa is soooooooooooo cute….at least he had so much fun in the show and he really is so happy nowadays it shows in his beautiful face:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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