[Event/Eng Sub] Ji Chang Wook celebrates the success of “Healer” on Sohu TV


On 30 April 2015, Ji Chang Wook attended a congratulatory event in Beijing organised by Sohu.com to mark the end of “Healer”, which was aired on that website and has garnered more than 400 million views since it began airing. Held at 2pm under tight security at the Sohu.com Media Plaza, the event was attended by 150 fans who were selected by a draw, but that did not deter other fans from gathering around the barricades for a glimpse of him.

At the outdoor event (which apparently lasted no more than 10 minutes), Ji Chang Wook greeted fans and answered a few short questions, saying that he doesn’t like other sports besides soccer. When the emcee asked if he likes rock climbing and pointed out the rock wall on the Sohu building, Ji Chang Wook said he would like to try it. After the fan meet, he left a hand print and took a photo with his fans.

Below is the video of the longer indoor event held later on, which was streamed live online.

Running time: 65 mins (edited) 
Click on CC for English subtitles.

Translated from Korean and Chinese. I didn’t sub what his translator said since she is repeating whatever he says. 


Source: Sohu.com, Cri Online, iFensi

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  1. Yay!!!Ji Chang Wook oppa rocks.Thank u ”Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen” for sharing.And JCW fighting!!!

  2. thank you for this important update about His Imperial Hotness who is truly the Healer of my daily stress and other woes.
    more more more!

  3. Like his sincere answers and charming smile as always. Looking forward to his next project.

  4. wow, JCW has a very good gestures , he tried to show his care to the fan that came to the stage by touching her(the lady). I love it. Thank you for the post. Thank you Gabby

  5. Aww…it’s obvious that JCW appreciates all of his fans. He is such a classy peaceful kind-hearted person. I hope the fandom can be more united.

  6. tks for sharing…
    As a chinese, i really want to see JCW personally in china but i really don’t like the show. The show is not up to the standard and the draw was obviously not random.

  7. thanks for your sub… thanks uuuu
    can you engsub for happy camp too?? pleaseee…
    fighting jichangwookkitchen !!!
    love chang wook oppa ^^

  8. Thanks Gabby for all of your hard work!! Totally enjoyed it and it looks like he had fun and had a lot of witty responses!!

  9. Thank you so much !
    I like the way he answered the questions, smart and sincere !
    Hope you will have time to sub his parts in Happy Camp 🙂
    always appreciate your hard work 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for this, I really really appreciate it.. JCW kitchen fighting! You gals rock!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍

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