[Audio] Ji Chang Wook greets fans on Sina


To encourage more followers, Sina Hallyu shared a sound clip of Ji Chang Wook to all those who follow their Weibo account and leave a comment.  



시나닷컴 여러분 안녕하세요! 저는 지창욱입니다. 반갑습니다!


(Chinese) Netizens of Sina, hello! I am Ji Chang Wook.

(Korean) Sina.com hello everyone! I am Ji Chang Wook. Nice to meet you!


Sina Hallyu (新浪韩娱)
Thundercloud via DC

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4 thoughts on “[Audio] Ji Chang Wook greets fans on Sina

  1. love hearing his voice! it sounds good to me (his chinese) if i could leave a comment on weibo i would! thank you for this clip!

  2. Thanks ! I don’t speak Chinese so I don’t know but I wonder how accurate is his Chinese pronounciation ? He seems to be able to repeat very well the sentence asked by the MC in Sohu ITW ^^

    • I would say his chinese pronunciation is quite good since I was able to listen and type out whatever he was saying in the audio clip 🙂

      • Thanks Gabby 🙂
        haha I remember reading he said he was 1st in his class when he studied chinese before. His chinese handwriting is nice too ^^
        I guess he is able to have quite correct accent when speaking foreign languages if he want to. I found his English accent was not bad in Smile Donghae !

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