[Event] Ji Chang Wook to hold first Asia fan meeting tour

Actor Ji Chang Wook will be holding his first Asia fan meeting.

After holding a fan meeting in Taiwan last August, he will be having a special time with fans in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan with a tour titled “This is JCW”. Ji Chang Wook, who is garnering much attention in Asia recently, is now a rising Hallyu star. He has received warm interest from the media and fans abroad with various magazine interviews and events in countries such as Hong Kong and Shanghai.

He has also proven his new status having participated recently in the filming of China’s top variety show on Hunan TV’s “Happy Camp”, creating greater anticipation for him not just in China, but also across Asia. To repay the warm interest and love that fans have given him, he is now working hard at making preparations. There is great excitement to see what kind of image he has prepared to win the hearts of fans in Asia.

A spokesman said, “Through the fan meeting tour this time, he will have time to have more intimate interaction with fans. This will be a special stage where you will get to see the various charms of Ji Chang Wook that you haven’t seen before.”

Ji Chang Wook, who is having his provincial tour of the musical “The Days” in Korea, will be performing in Jinju on the 16th and 17th this month. He will be heading to Jeju for his final performance on 31 May.

Ji Chang Wook will be having his first stop of the Asia tour in Hong Kong on 20 June.

Hong Kong fan meeting details
Japan fan meeting details


Note: Please do not ask us about whether he will be holding a fan meeting in your country. We do not have any inside information regarding this. Glorious Entertainment will release more information in due course.

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  1. i’ll catch up with His Imperial Hotness in HK!!! but do include SG and the Philippines!!!

  2. Fighting for your Fanmeet oppaaaaaa…..
    please Share all about his next FM in Hongkong later…
    Thank youuuuuu….

    and may i say this … Ji oppa look awesome here …. XD

  3. i wish i could see him live somewhere but the chances are not very good living in the USA. i will just have to love him long distance for now and support his activities as best i can ❀

  4. When will be for Shanghai? ouupsss.. I’ll be on business trip to Shanghai on those HK’s date hikss

  5. And what about Europe ? Paris ? Aniway those fans are lucky ^^ take care kiss from Paris lovely boy ^.^ Wwww

  6. Add philippines and singapore to your list we’ll happy to see you πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  7. I really hope I can make an excuse to see him coz it’s a work day for me! I’m working on it! πŸ™‚

  8. Hope he will come to United States KCON at the end of July! Happy for these fans that are going to be going to his fan meeting!

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