[Video] Ji Chang Wook NGs from Daegu “The Days” performance


You may remember Ji Chang Wook’s Instagram post from 5 April 2015 where he wrote that a few ‘mishaps’ had occurred during the matinee performance of “The Days” while he was performing “My Song” (the ‘Lalalalala’ song).  Glorious Entertainment must have decided those ‘mishaps’ were too good to keep under wraps, and shares a small video of his NGs (“no good” or “outtakes”) of that performance for us fans!

5 April 2015 Musical “The Days” Daegu performance
Ji Muyeong’s (actor Ji Chang Wook) body gag begins like this…

When he was young, his dream was to be an action star..

But why now….

Our “action star” fell off the stage!

Once more for those who didn’t see

Ji Muyeong who returned like that….
Following his body gag is his witty ad-lib…

Muyeong: While I was writing this during my break, I fell off the stage…
She: Are you all right?
Muyeong: I wrote this using a secret code… Oh, I almost died.

Muyeong (closes the book): Oh please don’t read this now… please look at it later.

 It’s fine to watch this repeatedly! 😀


To recap:  While Muyeong sings “My Song” (the ‘Lalalalala’ song), he is to throw in the air and catch the book.  But at this performance, he threw it too high and instead of catching it in his hands, it landed on his head with a loud THWACK!

Towards the end of the song, Muyeong runs to the front of the stage during the chorus reprise, but he could not stop at the edge in time and fell off the front area between the stage and the seats.  Putting those “action star” moves into effect, Ji Chang Wook returned, showing no signs of injury and finished the song none the worse for wear.

Of course, he has to make light of himself in the scene directly after while returning the notebook to “She”; hence, telling her that he ‘nearly died’ trying to keep her notebook safe.

It is also amusing to see Glorious making fun of his plight. Maybe his manager Bang Chigu was the one who edited the video as a form of “revenge”? 😛

We’re thankful that nothing horrible occurred due to these ‘mishaps’… but you know someone will now be extra-careful when it comes to stage performances in the future!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

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  1. he is really versatile and can improv well! i like that he is quick on his feet to think of what to do and has a really funny sense of humor and timing!

  2. ouch…I am sure falling down like that must be very painful. I admire his spirit to ignore his pain and continued with the play. Bravo JCW.

  3. you really can’t avoid some mishaps during live performances its how you know how to handle these situations i admired him more for that for he didn’t lost presence of mind. i find him cooler for that

  4. Thanks so much !! Hahaha very funny, I watched it repeatedly for at least five times now 😀

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