[Magazine] Hanryu Pia, 30 June 2015 issue preview

Ji Chang Wook will be featured on the cover of the 30 June issue of Japanese magazine “Hanryu Pia”!  A pictorial and interview is included, where he will speak about the finale of “Empress Ki” airing in Japan and the effect the show’s popularity has had on his career.

The magazine preview teases us with “Ji Chang Wook, who shows us a new charm for every work.  He performs as Ta Hwan brilliantly in ‘Empress Ki – The Oath of Two Love Tears,’ his first historical drama in three years, and continues to attract with his high-powered performance.”

He adds, “I seemed to feel the charm in Ta Hwan and certainly wanted to play it [Ta Hwan] at the moment when I came across this work.”  The interview regarding Hallyu actor Ji Chang Wook choosing such works arrives soon!

Enjoy a small preview video here!

Hello readers of “Hanryu Pia”.
I am Ji Chang Wook.
It has been a long time since I’ve greeted readers of “Hanryu Pia” like that.
I will be the cover model for “Hanryu Pia” that will be released on 22 May.
I have done interviews and a photoshoot for it.

I heard that “Empress Ki” which is showing in Japan right now will be ending soon.
I will speak about “Empress Ki” in this interview, so please look forward to it.

Recently, my drama ended not too long ago and I’ve been resting and having my own personal time.
Please do check out “Hanryu Pia” that will be released on 22 May, thank you.

Ah, ah, ah, that’s right. There’s another big news.
Starting from the June issue of “Hanryu Pia”, there will be a series of features about me.
I’m also looking forward to see what kind of series it will be.
It will be a series of features about me such as my interests or habits.
It is a chance for everyone to know more about me.
I hope you will look forward to it.


Please stay healthy everyone. This is Ji Chang Wook.


Hanryu Pia goes on sale 22 May 2015, and copies may be ordered through Amazon Japan, Innolife, and directly from the Hanryu Pia website: http://w.pia.jp/a/00036891/

Note:  A special Ji Chang Wook postcard will be included in the magazine for those who order through the Hanryu Pia website by 1 June 10:59am (Japan time).

Credit:  Hanryu Pia Magazine

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