[Event/Video] Ji Chang Wook releases promotional video for HK fan meeting


Have you gotten your tickets? Ticket sales for Ji Chang Wook’s Hong Kong fan meeting began this morning, and our 靚仔 (“leng zai” – cantonese for “handsome guy”) appears in a video to promote the first stop of his Asia tour.

你好, 我係池昌旭。(“Hello, I am Ji Chang Wook” in cantonese)

Hello Hong Kong fans, I am Ji Chang Wook.

Finally, on 20 June, I will be holding my first Hong Kong fan meeting at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre Star Hall.

Because this is my first Hong Kong fan meeting, I am both nervous and excited.

I am preparing very hard for the fan meeting right now, so please look forward to it.

I hope many of you will come to have fun and play together.

So, we shall meet on 20 June.


There are still tickets available on HK Ticketing, so you still have a chance if you are still considering whether to go.

Cat A, VIP – HK$1380 (with high touch event after the show)
Cat B – HK$980
Cat C – HK$780
Cat D – HK$480


Have fun, and we hope the show will be a fabulous one!


Credit: Glorious Entertainment

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  1. so excited to see him on June 20. i’m sure it’s going to be a blast. my friend and i managed to get vip tickets through the help of his HK fans club.

  2. if only i lived closer or had lots of money~ he would be so fun to have a fan meeting with!

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