[Weibo Update] 29 May 2015

9:37am KST
【公告】#池昌旭 # D-37 Twenty ninth. Happy Birthday to JCW !!!

[Announcement] #Ji Chang Wook # D-37 Twenty ninth. Happy Birthday to JCW !!!

*No, it is not his birthday today.  Glorious decided a gentle reminder for 5 July must have been necessary. 🙂

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Weibo

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4 thoughts on “[Weibo Update] 29 May 2015

  1. Good day….
    I am just confuse!
    Is JCW 29 or 28? His birthday is July 05, 1987.
    Thank you……..

    • 29 years old is correct. Certain East Asian countries (such as Korea) calculate birth dates by adding an additional year to their actual calendar birth year every time the Lunar New Year rolls over (eumnyeok saeng-il / 음력 생일). So he is considered 29 this year in Korea, and 28 elsewhere in the world that follows a Gregorian calendar and does not adhere to this tradition.

      • Thank you very much cherkell and gabby for answering my question…..I really love you guys…..also thank you for all the updates….God bless!

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