[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Los Angeles for KONUS launch

Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise for his fans in the States!  As previously reported, Ji Chang Wook is now in Los Angeles, California readying himself for the brand launch party for KONUS Sportswear.  On 1 June 2015, KONUS opened their online sales portal, offering special deals in celebration of today’s launch.  Ji Chang Wook decided to take a more comfy approach this time around, sporting a t-shirt, jeans and sandals for his latest trip half-way around the world.

While in Los Angeles, a few photoshoots and interviews are tentatively on his schedule.  And speaking of celebrating, here’s our usual photospread of Ji Chang Wook departing Incheon International Airport while dragging his wheelie towards yet another trans-continental flight, and a nice little video from BNT International.  Enjoy!

Credit:  As watermarked

8 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads to Los Angeles for KONUS launch

  1. wow…he did nothing to make himself looks great, he is just….gorgeous…and I love him

  2. he rocks in whatever style he puts up. he is handsome, sexy, and cool!
    i like his comfy style in these pics.so effortless but still so gorgeous! he is such a hottie!!!

  3. Thank’s more jcwkitchen!

    As always he dressing up simple…and I admire him so much.all he wear it always compatible to him w/o so much effort…you’re the good example as a many inspiring youth…enjoy & keep safe your trip!!!be blessings to other.we love you.

  4. why wasn’t i there? hope he has lots of fans’ support and has a great time here. (there) i am in utah which is close but far for me. he really looks casual/chic and every time he flashes his smile it makes me smile too!

  5. Thank you jcwkitchen!

    Wow i really like him in this dress down attire, so cool, i love the confidence he is exuding wearing those sandals! He is so handsome!

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