[Event] Ji Chang Wook to celebrate his birthday with fans [updated]

30 June update:

Event date and time: 25 July 2015, 6pm KST
Venue: Woori Financial Art Hall, Olympic Park
Price: 32,900 won (same for all seats)
Running time: 90 minutes
*For audiences above 8 years old

Celebrate Ji Chang Wook’s 29th birthday at the concert with a live band!

Ticket sales begin on 2 July at 8pm KST via Interpark.

25 June Update:  The Birthday Party is back on again!  The new date and time is 25 July 2015 at 6:00pm KST.  The new venue is the Woori Financial Art Hall in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu.

Interpark will release the ticket sales information through its site at ticket.interpark.com on 29 June 2015.  (We do not have any information at this time whether or not this will be open to international fans, but will update this post as news becomes available.)

15 June Update: To prevent the spread of MERS, this event has been tentatively postponed.

Ji Chang Wook will be holding a fan meeting to celebrate his birthday on 5 July!

It has always been a practice for him to hold a gathering with fans to commemorate his birthday each year, but such events have always been limited to just fans from his official fan cafe DayRock.

For the first time, tickets to his birthday event will be sold on ticketing site Interpark, meaning that fans from anywhere will be able to attend!

Titled “Ji Chang Wook Birthday Party”, the event will be held on 5 July at Yonsei University Main Auditorium at 4pm KST. Tickets will be priced at an affordable 33,000won.

However, due to the worsening MERS health situation in South Korea, Glorious Entertainment has said that they will be monitoring the situation. Event details and the date for the commencement of ticket sales will be announced at a later date.

Glorious Entertainment; Insight Entertainment

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  1. Why does he live so far. I really wanted to meet him in person at least once. So his birthday will be celebrated in Korea?

  2. Dear Gabby, Can you tell me please where it is possible to send present to JCW for his birthday? My only idea is his agency. Probably there is address of his official funclub in Seoul where it is possible to send?😊

    • I think it is best to send to his agency. You won’t find any fan club with a proper office so there is no address to send to, unless you send to the admin of the fan club, which is not advisable unless you know the admin personally.

      • Ok, thank you:) i have asked her (Admin)but she did not answer at all…thank you for a piece of advice! You always very helpful when I have questions😊

  3. Thanks so much for this awesome news Gabby! Great to know that international fans now have an opportunity to see JCW on his birthday ☺ Another first for our beloved Puppy.

    Hoping, though, that this will push through. I’m sure Glorious and JCW are worried about the worsening MERS COV situation…

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