[News] Ji Chang Wook returns from whirlwind LA tour

It’s been a long week for Ji Chang Wook.  After announcing via Instagram and Weibo on 1 June that he will be visiting the US for various promotional events, he returned to Korea on 8 June looking a bit worn out, but still bright and cheerful.

The day after actor Ji Chang Wook finished the national tour of musical “The Days” in Jeju, he travelled to Los Angeles, California as the Asia representative for clothier KONUS, a division of American celebrity fashion brand Robin K.  During his time in the US, he was quite active and was formally invited to the launch party of the KONUS brand in Los Angeles after participating in photoshoots for its upcoming catalogue.

During the KONUS brand launch party, Ji Chang Wook attracted the interest of several print and online news reporters, including the Chinese publication Epoch Times and Korean World Journal, as well as the major US newspaper Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook ended his musical performances of “The Days” in Jeju on 31 May.  He has yet to make public his plans for any upcoming projects.

*The preceding is a compilation of several online news reports.

Credit:  Asia Today; eDaily; KONUS

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  1. i’ll bet he was tired yet he still looked really happy and good looking as always. i bet he made a good impression on the people he was in contact with:)

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