[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads off to London for Alfred Dunhill UK

Ji Chang Wook, do you ever sleep?  Hot on the heels of his recent return from Los Angeles, he’s off jet-setting across the world again! 

On the afternoon of 13 June 2015, Ji Chang Wook departed from Incheon International Airport to Heathrow International to attend the London Collections Men, Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows being held at various venues, including the The Topman Show Space at New Oxford Street, The Hospital Club at Covent Garden, and Victoria House at Bloomsbury Place.  The Dunhill Men’s Collection catwalk will be presented on Sunday, 14 June at 6:00pm at one of these places (yet to be announced), and as expected, the show is invitation only.

Sporting colour-coordinated slacks and travel bag from the Dunhill S/S 2016 Men’s Collection, you lucky folks in the London environs will be able to see him in the flesh shortly!  Enjoy the press shots of his departure here!


Credits:  As watermarked; London Collections Men S/S 2016 Press Office

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7 thoughts on “[Event] Ji Chang Wook heads off to London for Alfred Dunhill UK

  1. His Imperial Hotness’s charm has caught the discriminating eyes of fashion brands globally. from D&G to Alfred Dunhill to Konus and more! Ad HOC and North Cape, counted in! he has truly become a jetsetter!

  2. he is one busy bee, but I’m happy for him.. hope he will have a grand time in London!

  3. love the casual look. the colors are so peaceful and inviting! makes me want to go and hug him tight! he must love to travel and attend fashion shows etc. its only right that a gorgeous man show off clothes!

  4. Thank you cherkell for this!

    JCW is indeed going global! So happy for him😍😍😍😍
    How come he never ceases to amaze us in his airport fashion even just wearing those simple get up! Arggg!!! Its killing me!!!

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