[Event] Ji Chang Wook rehearses for Hong Kong fan meeting


Actor Ji Chang Wook is making lots of preparations for a special fan service.

Ji Chang Wook who is leading the Hallyu wave is expected to meet fans in Hong Kong and Japan through his “This Is JCW” tour, and he can be seen practising hard for it.

In the photos, Ji Chang Wook is seen practising for the sweet seranade that he will play for his fans and is also seen having a serious discussion with his staff, showing his passion for the fan meeting.

Ji Chang Wook who has been busy with schedules within and beyond Korea, has been actively involved in his fan meeting preparations even at the planning stage, dishing out his own ideas and preparing meticulously.

There is a lot of anticipation for the show that he will put on for his first Hong Kong fan meeting tomorrow. Not only possessing acting skills, he has taken on the lead actor role in musical “The Days”, and showed his singing abilities through “I’ll Protect You” and “To the Butterfly” for the Healer and Empress Ki OSTs respectively. He is thus expected to melt the hearts of fans in this Asia tour.

Moreoever, he will have a deep exchange with fans through intimate and frank activities at this fan meeting, drawing curiosity as to what kind of fan service that will be.

A spokesman said, “Meeting fans after such a long time, Ji Chang Wook is making preparations with a sense of excitement. This is expected to be a meaningful time with many opportunities for close interaction with fans.”

Ji Chang Wook’s first Hong Kong fan meeting will be held tomorrow at the Hong Kong KITEC Star Hall.

Credit: Sports Donga

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  1. Thank you for the update gabby… eventhough i won’t be able to come to jcw fm i’m so excited! I can’t wait to see him singing i will protect you live in front of the audience. I’m sure you always gives us updates from him. Can’t wait 😁

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