[News/Event] Ji Chang Wook returns to Korea after Hong Kong fan meeting


Ji Chang Wook has returned to Korea after a night of singing, dancing and games at his Hong Kong fan meeting last night. His arrival didn’t go unnoticed by the press of course, who were there to document his arrival. Needless to say, he was also welcomed home by fans, of whom one inadvertently became the focus of many press reports.


His visit to Hong Kong was also widely covered by the local media, who were there to witness the warm and chaotic welcome by about 200 fans who were waiting for him at the Hong Kong International Airport.

His press conference at the shopping mall on Friday night was attended by more than 500 fans. Reporters noted that he had wanted to take pictures with fans but was not allowed to do so.

At the press conference, he said that this is the third time he is in Hong Kong, but he never had the chance to do proper sightseeing since he was always busy with schedules at the hotel. He hopes to be able to explore the streets and try the street food for a taste of Hong Kong (yeah, we know FOOD is more important to you than sightseeing right?). When asked who he wishes to work with in HK, he says he met director Stanley Tong in Shanghai recently and he even met the director 2 years ago in Korea. He says he found it a pity that the director’s latest movie wasn’t personally directed by him. He also mentioned actor Julian Cheung whom he met at the Dunhill event in HK several months ago, and said he wishes to work with Cheung someday. Ji Chang Wook has been learning Chinese, but he said he has been making slow progress because he has been busy with schedules.

And lastly, the highlight of his visit — the first stop of his Asia Tour in Hong Kong held on Saturday. The news videos mostly show the opening segment of his fan meeting, with reporters noting his cute slip-up with the piano which he tried to cover up with his cheeky smiles.

I won’t go into details about his HK fan meet for now, as I will be posting a proper fan account since I attended the show last night. 😀

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  1. Haha .. we were in the airport yesterday going thru immigration and he was just standing there inside the immigration check area resting for a minute .. didn’t have a clue who he was though at the time.

  2. Thanks for putting this together. Look forwards to your follow up about the Hong Kong FM.

  3. Thanks Gabby ! Happy that you was able to attend the show ^^ can’t wait to your fan account !

  4. thank you so much for these videos and commentary! i love his laugh and spontaneity! you’re so lucky to be able to attend. looks like he got tons of gifts. looks like he really had fun there!

  5. Thank you for posting this 🙂
    Looks like the fans and jcw were having great time!!
    Looking forward for the report

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