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Left Coast Otaku and Chicago Expat, successfully mangling both the Japanese and Korean languages at the same time. Devoted Ji Chang-wook Follower since 2007. Fangirl Squeeeeeing Nightly; No Cover Charge.

23 thoughts on “[Exclusive] Two hours in Los Angeles with Ji Chang Wook

  1. Oh wow, this was such an awesome read about an awesome experience!I could feel the squees from way over here (I’m across the other side of the planet frm where you are). So thrilled for you. This is what happens when luck and pluck combine 🙂

  2. wow double wow….reading your post word by word slowly so that I do not missed any lines. I cannot imagine and I cannot comprehend what the feelings would be like when we get to meet our idol up front face to face. You are so lucky and I must say you have great guts & courage to approach him directly when he’s with his hosts. I would be shivering with shyness if I were there. It was a good read, thanks for sharing.

    Oh..btw, can he really speaks English or is “I remember you” his basic & standard greetings to everyone who approach him hahahaha

  3. That was such an amazing experience. It was so much fun in reading your post like I was there with you to witness those exciting moments. I am so glad you took the opportunity to promote this fan site and let JCW know he has many supporters in the US. Way to go, girl!!! And, couldn’t thank you enough for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much Cherkell for a very detailed experienced with our man JI CHANG WOOK!!! I can feel the excitement in every word! I can relate to that! 🙂

  5. Wow! So lucky of you! Could not help but be envious everytime you mention he’s grabbing your hands! And he remembered you, so nice of him. Curious how is he in real life? Is he like super nice? A lot of them is saying he is even more good looking in person.. 😀

  6. I am squeeeeeeee – ing with you. What a great account and a wonderful experience with our Wookie. He is just a class act and it so nice that he remembered you!!! Thank you for sharing this. I wondered what happened at the event…thank you for describing your time in LA with cmoirae and Wookie n gang in great detail.

  7. Thank you so much for the wonderful account ! I’m so happy for you and squeeing with you everytime I read he grabbed your hands and said he remembered you !! He’s so sweet and you story really moved me 🙂
    I’m just wondering how is his English ? I read some IG users who met him there say that his pronounciation is quite good and he understands well ^^??
    Thanks again Cherkell !

  8. Thank you for a play action commentary. I felt the anxiousness and excitement as if I were there… squeeeeee! (sigh and collapse in a heap to the floor)

  9. Thank you Cherkell for sharing your great experience with us. I enjoyed reading cmoaire2’sfun adventure as well on Soompi. Totally envious, I will be there next time if he is in the US, hopefully the East Coast. I read his update too late to fly out to LA from Washington DC. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! So much squeeing happened while I read this post! That is so awesome that a) you got to see him b) he knows and remembers you so enthusiastically and c) just all of this. So awesome! I am so happy you got to experience such an amazing meeting!!!!

  11. Thank you Cherkell for posting such a detailed and descriptive blog! I’m sure we all lived vicariously through your experience meeting JCW!! It’s funny how one person can affect us! He is someone that is so mesmerizing and has captured our hearts(young and old)!. I admit I am no youngster and could even be his mom!! Kudos to her for raising such a hard working and ambitious son! Glad to hear that he’s genuinely a nice person. Congrats to you for meeting him!! I wish I could’ve followed him down to La Jolla! I live in OC so it’s an hour away! Thanks for all your hard work and for the translation too!

    • Your comment makes me smile AnnieC especially about him capturing our hearts-young & old. I am an “ahjumma” myself & I consider Wookie my honorary son as I am concerned very much about his well-being. I have never seen in my whole life a Korean drama– or any soap opera, just not my thing– except Healer (watched it 2 times) a month ago via Hulu ( a young friend recommended it as a cure for boredom, although I am very busy being a single mom to my teenage daughter, having a stressful career and my meaningful voluntary work) and I was never a fan to any popular person at all. But, lo & behold, just as you said, Wookie “has captured our hearts.”Absolutely!

  12. Good for you Cherkell, must be so exciting! Love the ” I remember you!” & “na do”…so endearing. Maybe next time you see our Wookie you’ll have the chance to take a picture with him & please do show us. Thanks for sharing your unforgettable experience.

  13. Hi Cherkell, thanks for your wonderful sharing and I can’t stop smiling while reading your post…it actually brings back the memory of that night to me… I was there at Konos event as well. But I left early after the bodyguard brought him to the side room around 9:30pm. TilI today, I still can’t believe that I actually saw him in person within less than 2 meters distance… He looks as great as he is on TV and I think he is really a kind person because he only accepted to sign autograph for an old grandma fan among all the young girls… Hopefully he will visit LA some other time so we can get to meet him again 🙂

  14. I wish he would really visit The Kitchen and read all these things we say about him! He should know much he is LOVED all over the world! 😍😍😍

    sooooooo happy for you Cherkell!

  15. After reading this post in detail, I knew I had to say ‘wow’ 🙂

    And…(speechless) 🙂

  16. Really really felt excited reading every line.
    I’m so happy that you could get to meet him in person!
    Can’t imagine how’s that feel… I maybe passed out before i could utter a word haha…
    Hopefully you get to take picture with him soon.. but still apart from that, good memories to last for a long time 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it!!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us!! 😀 I’m amazed at the fact that he actually remembers you & said “I remember you” twice!! in English!! Haha…that’s just simply adorable & heartwarming heh.

  18. I’m so happy for you! And so glad I finally had time to read this whole account. You worked hard, as they say! I used to only find him interesting because you did, now, after watching Healer, I’m a bonafide fan. Thanks for sharing!

  19. wow!!! what an amazing experienced…i really enjoyed reading every line of your story…and thank you for sharing and giving every moments of JCW.. you’re the BEST!!!

  20. wow!!
    I can’t help being envious of you. you are so lucky that he remembers you, the perfect present for a fan. may i know how many times have you met him?? because i read another post where you had attended his musical and he acknowledged you.
    But this post was so amazing I couldn’t help squealing along with you!! He knows English??

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