[Magazine/Eng Sub] Preview of Ji Chang Wook in Elle Men Hong Kong


Following his Hong Kong fan meeting last week, Ji Chang Wook is being featured in the July issue of Elle Men Hong Kong.

The following is an excerpt from the magazine.  (The photoshoot and interview was originally undertaken in March 2015).


There are many male gods in Korea. Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho have held this title since a long time ago, becoming the ideal type of many women. But, a new male god appears in every generation, coming wave after wave. Being caught in the strong waves, peers are just like enemies, and one needs to know how to perform well in a Korean drama in order to break through. 28-year-old Ji Chang Wook, successfully gained great popularity in Korea and China with the drama “Healer” last year, and is nicknamed the “healing male god”. It even enabled him overtake G-Dragon, who was in the 9th position, with 300 votes in the “Asia Top 10 Male Gods” poll organised by a Chinese website.

“I definitely believe that once I start dating, I will devote myself completely without holding anything back; I will be an obedient boyfriend who will accommodate my girlfriend 100%.”

“I think it is very hard to set an ideal type just based on external appearance alone. The most important thing is being able to match my personality, being able to understand each other, and it is a great bonus if there is interest. If I were to start (a relationship) just because I think her looks are up to standards and without looking properly at her character, it will just be more tiring in the end.”

“I usually have to eat 6 meals a day. Meals are irregular some times during filming, and I actually feel very terrible; being hungry is really too hard for me. People think that I will not get fat no matter how much I eat, but the truth is the total opposite. I once tried putting on 5kg in a week. But I am also the kind who is able to slim down very quickly if I want to, so everyone thinks that I always maintain an ideal figure.”

A video was also released, showing him at the photo shoot along with a short interview.

Click on CC for English subs! Translated from Korean to English.

The July issue of Elle Men Hong Kong is already available for purchase at news stands in Hong Kong and Chinese online shopping sites such as Taobao.


*The term “male god” is often used by the Chinese press to describe a handsome man. Please do not take offence in it.

Magazine excerpt translated from Chinese to English.  Video subbed by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen. PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. These videos were uploaded for the sole purpose of providing English subtitles to international fans. No copyright infringement intended.

Source: Elle HK

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  1. thank you for this article. i can’t get over how handsome he is especially when he breaks out in a smile! he can make the clothes look good somehow even if they aren’t. i am glad he is having fun with his career and making a lot of people happy in the process!

  2. He is very cute here, love his hair, and he looks way younger than his 28 years– not to be hungry & to eat 6 meals a day must be the secret to looking young😍. On his dating, I would love him to have a girlfriend– a girl who is kind-hearted, well-mannered, with good values, supportive in all his endeavors and lastly a girl who will make our Wookie happy. Hope he’ll find a girl soon!

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