[Event] Ji Chang Wook to attend ‘Healer’ screening in Japan

To celebrate the satellite network airing of “Healer” in Japan beginning 31 July, Ji Chang Wook will attend a special ‘sneak preview’ screening of Episode 1 on 17 July (the day before his “This Is JCW” fan meeting at the Toyosu PIT on 18 July).  The event will be moderated by Tashiro Chikayo, who was the emcee at his prior fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka in 2014.  Lead star Ji Chang Wook will greet the audience from the stage as the event’s special guest prior to the screening! Details are as follows:

Date: 17 July 2015 (Friday)
Doors open:   2:00pm
Event start:  2:30pm (no intermission)
Location:  Tokyo (venue TBD)
Admission:  Free (*invitation only)
Moderator:  Tashiro Chikayo
Attendees:  Limited to 50 sets of 2-person tickets (100 attendees total)
※ Applicants will enter via lottery and be notified by postcard.  Only the winners will be notified of the specific details as to location and time; no other announcement will be made by the management.

Note:  This lottery is only open to entrants who can provide a local mailing address in Japan.  And in order to obtain a lottery entry, you must first fill out a questionnaire, which can be found at the bottom of Eigeki’s official announcement (in Japanese only): Ji Chang Wook ‘Healer’ Special Event.

Source:  Eigeki Healer website

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