[Magazine] BNT ONE July 2015 preview

The LA pictorial of actor Ji Chang Wook, who is rapidly rising as an “emerging force of the Hallyu Wave”, was revealed today.

Released over two days on ‘ONE’ magazine’s official Instagram, Ji Chang-wook’s photoshoot in Los Angeles was conducted in a chic atmosphere with a boyish innocence, displaying his different charms.

In the pictorial, Ji Chang-wook sets the hearts of women aflutter with his sharp gaze and charismatic side profile. In particular, he strikes witty poses in front of a vividly-coloured building, attracting the attention of the locals in America.

In addition, with ethnic prints, a masculine leather jacket and a white suit that would be hard for anyone to pull off flawlessly, he channels a modern mood and sexiness at the same time, exuding the air of a Hallyu star who has even drawn the attention of China.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook’s pictorial is scheduled to be released in the July issue of ‘ONE’ Magazine, and you can catch unreleased pictures and videos through ‘ONE’ magazine’s official Instagram, and YouTube channel.

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Credit: officialbntnews, WStarNews, Sina

11 thoughts on “[Magazine] BNT ONE July 2015 preview

  1. Wow! I was stunned by the dazzle of his looks and charm. When heaven pours in pretty stuffs, he got them all. A perfect creation! Where on Earth can I find a man as strikingly handsome as him? If only I have the power to duplicate him, then I will. I really cannot take my eyes off JCW.

  2. Hi JCWkitchen, would you know where can i purchae this magazine on line?

    • This is a free magazine so it is not available for sale. It can be found in Korea at selected hotels and on board airport limousine buses. Overseas, the magazine is available at Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, The Peninsula and other five star hotels around the world.

  3. My heart just stopped! I just died and went to heaven! That white suit! Didn’t think JCW could get more sexy or more handsome or more cute. I was so so wrong! Thank you soooo very much for putting up these pics. I’m going to die all over again now. Thanks JCWKitchen!

  4. Thank you JCWkitchen for these heartmelting, swoon worthy pics! I need an oxygen really i cant breathe anymore lol!😄😄😄. Gorgeousness is understatement, JCW is perfect, cant think of any words anymore!

  5. JCW looks amazing – but why did they shoot in such a trashy part of LA? He made the dumpster look good.

    • I overheard that they decided to shoot in the Wholesale District because it is close to the City of Vernon, which is where the KONUS USA headquarters are located. Also shooting in a not-densely-populated area was a wise idea because it cut down on the amount of fangirls onlookers who may have interrupted the shoot with their screaming and fainting. 🙂

  6. Heart Aflutter is an understatement! This photoshoot is done so right, I need to get my hands on a copy and laminate the pages. Haha The perfect man in stylish white suit standing against the pink is my favorite!! How perfect can you be Ji Ching Wookishie. Heart melts. . Thanks JCW kitchen for great holiday suprise.

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