[CF] Ji Chang Wook turns designer for Lonsdale


From Ji Chang Wook to his dearest fans, presenting to you…a T-shirt personally designed by him! Apparel brand Lonsdale has finally unveiled the masterpiece T-shirts by our master artisan Mr Ji.

“He has worked very hard…”


“Although designing isn’t his forte, he worked hard to give everyone a surprise”


“To produce a satisfying piece of work, he gave his all”


“Making repeated modifications, just so that you can have a gift that has real value and meaning”


“He hopes to get aΒ (nod of)Β approval from you”


“Will you like this?”


“Thank you very much”


Lonsdale also revealed a video of him designing the T-shirt!

Click on CC for English subs! Translated from Korean.

The T-shirt will be available for sale from 15 July 2015. No details have been given as to how it can be purchased, but it is likely that it will be done through Lonsdale China’s online store. Lonsdale will announce more details on that day.



Credit: Lonsdale China weibo

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  1. hi to the admin. of jichangwookkitchen.com. i was added to this site a couple of months back & just became a fan of Mr. JCW after “Healer”. thank you for allowing me to be part of this site & just by reading updates of JCW completes my day with a complimented snap shots. i am a fan here in the middle east (gulf region) but i am an asian in nationality.

    anyways, really admiring JCW every single post that i read everyday. count me in, in praying for your continuous success & a healthy mind & body not only to you & your family but for all of your devoted fans.

    looking forward to read & see more of JCW…. πŸ™‚

  2. Just browsing through the photos – again. That profile! Even Adonis had nothing on JCW! πŸ˜†

  3. All the more I adore JCW for working so hard to finish whatever project he has despite his hectic schedule. He deserve all the success that comes his way. More Power to him!

  4. Aigoo….how can we not like what you have designed for us. Silly boy, I’m going to buy one each even know how expensive its going to be πŸ™‚

  5. He doesn’t have to worry, I bet everyone does not only like his designs but LOVES them. I’m impressed at his work ethic, he is hyperfocused in accomplishing & perfecting his task. And his smile of satisfaction afterwards? Ahhh priceless!

  6. Wow I love this video !! He looks so good and thanks for all the screenshots !! I like the blue T-shirt he has, and of course the designed T are cute ^^
    I melt when he said “What should I do if you don’t like it” awwwww

  7. this is a cool project! i would so buy it if i can! i will even suggest group purchase if possible! if not, understood. -please let us know how to get one if we can and thank you for the cute video and pictures of him! hope he sells a lot!

  8. More than a nod of approval! A round of applause for JCW’s efforts. How can we not like what he designed? And how can he still look so cute while working? Sigh..

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