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7 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 11 July 2015

  1. Just realised there’re only 5 days till the fan meet in Tokyo. How’s JCW preparing for that and filming his movie at the same time?! He has to be superhuman! 24 hours in the day won’t be enough for him. Poor baby!

  2. JCW is a true professional and has set high standards and goals for himself. Definitely a high achiever! I hope he stays true to himself and takes care of the people who’s been there for him.
    Thank you Cherkell and Gabby for your hard efforts to bring JCW Kitchen to life! Without you translating, we would all be lost in translation! I recently joined the JCW “band wagon” and enjoy reading the updates of our “Wookie”! Continue success to JCW and to JCW kitchen too!!

    • Hi OC mom welcome to the JCW bandwagon…hope to see you here more often😊😊😊😊😊

  3. our Emperor is so busy! with his Japan Fan Meeting in about a week from now and he’s in the thick of shooting a movie, whew!!! he’s busy alright!!! and he still looks gorgeous!!!

  4. For someone who couldn’t sleep the night or morning before..JCW looks great! Presume he’s on the set of his new movie “Fabricated City”?

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