[Eng Sub] 20150711 Entertainment Weekly – Rising Hallyu Star Ji Chang Wook

On 11 July 2015, Ji Chang Wook was featured on a segment of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” program to chat with MC Jo Chung Hyun about his rising Hallyu star, his recent trips to Los Angeles and Hong Kong, a bit of ‘Healer’ talk, his love of football… and why male presenters should never wear short pants on television.   Take a look here!

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UPDATE 15 August: Our subbed video is no longer available due to copyright reasons, so please watch the interview subbed by KBS World.

And now, the requisite screencaps.  Enjoy!



12 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20150711 Entertainment Weekly – Rising Hallyu Star Ji Chang Wook

  1. I’m on a JCW binge today.. Thank you, JCWKitchen for sharing this vid here and his interviews and updates as well. You guys are amazing. 🙂

    JCW, you are wonderful in every way. I’m soo looking forward to your new movie, hopefully our plans of visiting Seoul next year will push through so I could see your new movie in korea *fangirling mode on* hehehe

  2. His singing voice is truly soothing to the heart. Brings me back to HK fan meeting moments. Be it on theater musical (I watched The Days @ Jinju) or concert, JCW has that magnetizing personality. You see him perform once and it seemed you cant get enough – that you would like to come back for more. It transcends that he works passionately and loves to share his happy heart to all of us.. Cheers JCW for more of your future happy projects.

    Kudos JCW Kitchen for the constant hard work! thanks for rocking with us.. happy fun day to all of us.

  3. Oh what a lovely way to start a quiet Sunday morning. He’s so…….(The Days musical director is right, describing him in one word is insufficient!).

    As always, thanks a bunch JCW Kitchen!!!

  4. Thanks for putting up this interview JCWKitchen. It’s made my day.

    JCW’s laugh is so infectious. I found myself grinning away throughout the interview. So happy for JCW. Love the timbre of his voice.

  5. Thanks JCWKitchen for this!

    Awww he is so cute and the voice wow! I am liking his bird’s nest hairdo now than before!!!

  6. Thank you, love this interview !! I laughed so hard at their conversation when the MC wanted to re-enact the snow-kiss scene LMAO
    Ahh looking forward to see all the LA pics/videos for One magazine & Konus !!!

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