[CF] Ji Chang Wook’s Lonsdale T-shirt designs to be released for sale


As proudly advertised by Ji Chang Wook previously, our wannabe designer’s Lonsdale T-shirts will soon be released for sale! But alas, good things don’t come cheap.

Visit Lonsdale China’s online store at TMall and you will be greeted with a huge image announcing Ji Chang Wook’s carefully prepared “gift to his dearest fans”, albeit not a “gift” in the literal sense (since it’s not free-of-charge).

lonsdale package

Limited Edition Package (left) and the Collector’s Edition Package (right)

There are two different packages available for purchase — one is a “Collector’s Edition Gift Package (珍藏版礼盒)” and the other is a “White-Gold Limited Edition Gift Package (白金限量版礼盒)”.

“Collector’s Edition Gift Package (珍藏版礼盒)” 


The Collector’s Edition Gift Package comprises of :

  • 1 Lion design T-shirt with Ji Chang Wook’s printed autograph (choice of male/female T-shirt, black/white colour)
  • 1 set of exclusive postcards

Stock availability: 24000 pieces

Selling price: 299 RMB (excluding shipping) [Purchase link]


Female T-shirt available in black or white


“I Love Ji Chang Wook” printing on the back of the T-shirt

“White-Gold Limited Edition Gift Package (白金限量版礼盒)”


The Limited Edition Package comprises of:

  • 1 Lion design T-shirt with Ji Chang Wook’s printed autograph (choice of male/female T-shirt, black/white colour)
  • 1 Ji Chang Wook design T-shirt with printed autograph (choice of male/female T-shirt, black/white colour)
  • 1 card handwritten by Ji Chang Wook with individual numbering
  • 1 set of exclusive postcards
  • 1 Lonsdale VIP card (worth 2,000RMB; valid for 1 year)

Unlike the Collector’s Edition where you can choose your T-shirt size and colour easily on the site, the Limited Edition requires you to specify your desired T-shirt size and colour in your comment when placing your order.

As T-shirts for the Limited Edition Package will be custom-made according to demand, a refund is not allowed for the Limited Edition Package.

Each user ID is only allowed to purchase one Limited Edition Package.

Selling price: 1,999 RMB (excluding shipping) [Purchase link]

Female T-shirt available in black or white

Female T-shirt (Lion design) available in black or white

Female T-shirt (JCW design) available in black or white

Female T-shirt (JCW design) available in black or white

VIP card

VIP card

Handwritten card from Ji Chang Wook

Handwritten card from Ji Chang Wook

The packages will be available for pre-order from 15 July, 10am (Beijing time). Orders will be shipped out on 15 August. As a large volume of orders is expected, they will be shipped out based on when you made your payment (i.e. the earlier you pay, the earlier your item will get sent out).

As TMall is part of Taobao, you will be able to purchase if you have signed up for a Taobao account. Lonsdale has not given any details about overseas shipping, but Taobao allows for items to be shipped overseas by using a parcel forwarding service. If you are not familiar with Taobao, these links should be useful to you:

How to buy from Taobao
Parcel forwarding service (for Southeast Asia)
International orders from Taobao

We will not be doing any bulk purchases for overseas fans, so please do not ask us to buy on your behalf.  We hope this information will be useful enough for any of you who are intending to buy. Good luck!

Please understand that this is an international site, so it is not possible for us to provide a guide about the ordering process for every country! There are many websites out there that teach you how to buy from Taobao, so please consult Google for more information.

Also, please do not ask us to help you convert the prices into your local currency. It’s faster to ask Google!! We will greatly appreciate your cooperation. We will not attend to anymore of such requests.


Credit: Lonsdale TMall

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  1. Hi Gabby! My Lonsdale JCW designed t-shirt finally arrived!! After suffering a few setbacks and including a call to Beijing (don’t ask!) it’s finally here! Sooooo happy! Hahaha.. Thanks for all your help Gabby. It really helped a lot. And thanks to Google translator! Life saver! Hahaha..

    Aaaaaaargh..I still can’t believe it’s really here!! 💕💕

  2. Well..I just spent 2 hours at my computer trying to place my order. After a lot of mishaps and going to goodness knows where..I finally made it to the payment stage. Then what happens? “Error” message! Aaaargh! Tried a couple more times. Still failed. So frustrating! Will try again later. Hope some of you guys are having better luck than me! 👍

    • Ok..I think I did it! Payment made. But according to Gabby orders will only be shipped out on August 15. So I guess I’ll have to wait till then to find out whether I have been successful or not. Fingers crossed.

      Again Gabby..thanks for the very detailed order procedure. It has been a great help. My Chinese “literacy” has gone up by half a notch! 😆

      • You did a great job Gabby! Thanks again. If you didn’t explain about the forwarding agent I wouldn’t have been aware of this. The layout was different from the one you posted but at least I knew what I had to do next. I just kept clicking on different options till I “found” things. Haha. Thanks! 👍

  3. So I spent the whole day yesterday navigating that Chinese maze called Taobao. My Chinese is practically nonexistent! But with a dictionary I managed to register myself and even found out the Chinese character for “login” and “logout”. Feeling very pleased with myself I synchronized my countdown clock with the website’s. This morning I got up all ready to start my online purchase when I saw the clock still counting down. Then I realized it’s only July 14 today! Another 24 hours to go! I obviously didn’t know there was a word for “1 day” in the countdown from yesterday.

    JCW..I hope you realise what your Chinese illiterate fans are going through right now in trying to get your t-shirts! 😆

  4. Thank you Gabby! JCWKitchen comes through with flying colors! This info is great! Hope to get at least one set! Thanks again!

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